Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wingnuts praying for rain in Denver

[Photo on right is of chief wingnut, James Dobson]

Focus on the Family. That's the group of so-called Christian ultra-rightists who think they have a direct pipeline to god and therefore know what is god's will and therefore have the right to tell all the rest of us what god wants. The implied threat is always there, of course. If you do not believe what we tell you or do what we tell you -- considering our insider knowledge -- you could be in deep caca with the almighty!

This group is, naturally, Repugnican to its rotten core. But they pretend to a sense of humor. So they put up a video hosted by a stereotypical WASP with a religiously-nasal, whining voice to wonder if it would be all right to pray for rain when Obama heads to Mile High Stadium in Denver this coming August to deliver his acceptance speech.

There is a question these wingnuts need to answer first. If their god is anti-Obama and pro-Surely MacCaine, then why would they need to pray for rain? Doth their god in the highest not have the power to do what he wills? And if their skygod is anti-Obama, it would seem reasonable to assume that he would send the torrential rains this kook suggests we pray for as a matter of course.

If Focus on the Family thought this video was humorous, they really need to rethink their concept of humor.

The video has been taken down. Evidently even some of the wingnuts thought FOTF had gone too far.

Fortunately, for those of us who KNOW god is pro-Obama, the skygod doesn't listen to the prayers of wingnuts!

You can view the video here (I think). [From AOL]

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Anonymous said...

Can those that pray for rain, manage to get rain while I sleep? We have had rain everyday and the golf course is soaked and I have't been able to use the pool in the rain.
Can the preachers that can order rain also order the hours and locations? There is an area in my back yard that seems to need more water somehow. Is that due to bad planning or do I have a problem?
Bob Poris

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