Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ric Keller backslides in Florida

Ric Keller, who represent's Florida's 8th District in the United States House of Representatives is running for a 5th term.

So what?

Well, as Jim Ross at the Ocala Star-Banner points out, back in 2000, when first elected, "Keller said he would serve no more than four terms." In other words, he was one of those people voted into office partly because he said he believed in term limits.

Oops! Today, Mr. Keller says what he said eight years ago was a "mistake." "I think there's more work to be done," said Keller. Of course he does. Lots more work. More tax breaks for the rich, more drilling of our precious natural preserves, more guns in the hands of kids, more taxpayer money for private schools, more prisons to privatize, less environmental protections...lots more work to do.

Oh, yes, he also supports the Fair Tax, which would raise our sales taxes to 23 percent, and he thinks we should raise the age for receiving Medicare.

Here's a partial look at how Mr. Keller has "represented" his people in Congress:

1. Voted NO on expanding the State Children's Health Insurance Program.
2. Voted YES on expanding the power of government agencies to spy without a court order.
3. Voted NO on requiring the president to begin reducing troop levels in Iraq.
4. Voted YES on funding the Iraq war without troop withdrawal deadlines.
5. Voted NO on funding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as setting a timetable for troop withdrawal.
6. Voted NO on additional money for fighting the War on Terror. This bill also included a timeline for withdrawing troops in Iraq.
7. Voted YES on the House's displeasure with Bush's "surge" in Iraq. (He bucked his party here but now thinks the surge was a great success!)
8. Voted NO to repeal tax cuts to oil companies and require they pay a fee to remove oil from the Gulf of Mexico.
9. Voted YES to lower the interest rate on student loans.
10. Voted NO on allowing the government to negotiate lower drug prices.
11. Voted YES to increase minimum wage. (Bucked his party here, too.)

That's a sample. According to the Washington Post, Keller has voted Party line 92 percent of the time!

All of which leads us to conclude that 1) we can't trust Keller as he is breaking his solemn promise -- on which he was elected -- not to serve more than four terms; 2) there is indeed a lot more work to be done, but Keller is most definitely NOT the one to do it.

I'll bet you've got a few "Keller's" in your state, too.


Anonymous said...

He has grown fat doing our work. I you think he has made things better, then vote for him. If not, throw the liar out and pray for a better replacement.
Bob Poris

Anonymous said...

The Fair tax is a great idea. If you think it's nothing more than a 23% sales tax, you're sadly mistaken. Nobody would support it at all if that were true. Income taxes- the extortion of money directly from the people without their permission or approval- is what the crooks support. Nothing is more crooked than that. If this guy supports the Fair tax, he's your best friend.

Anonymous said...

I agree with thenightfly's comment. The Grayson campaign's recent commercial was an insult to thinking people. Not only would the Fair Tax eliminate the income tax, it would greatly reduce the man hours wasted in income tax preparation, it would bring a veritable bounty of new businesses into the United States because of the tax benefits.

Under the Fairtax, an item that costs you $100 would cost you $100. $23 would go to taxes. Opponents of the Fairtax would tell you that you actually pay 30% (23 divided by 77 is .2987) but in actuality you have to account for the reduced cost of materials that would result. It would be a huge savings.

The Grayson ad is a fraud.

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