Friday, August 15, 2008

Proving prayer doesn't work

The Call is what it's called. Promoted by the Rev. Wacko Pat Robertson and his 700 Club, "it began several years ago as an urgent call to pray for the nation and has spread into a world-wide prayer movement."

Today, people are praying all over the place: Jerusalem, Las Vegas aka "Sin City," Nashville, etc.

CBN explains that The Call in Jerusalem last May was "where gentile and Jewish believers came together to pray for the spiritual eyes of Israel to be opened to their Messiah - Jesus."

[Hmm. It seems to me that if you believe the legendary Jesus was Israel's "messiah," you can no longer legitimately call yourself a Jew.]

The Call is gonna happen again in Washington, D.C., where it all began in September of 2000. "Nearly half a million people gathered in the nation's capitol that year to fast and pray for the country, the presidential elections and spiritual revival."

Lou Engle, co-founder of The Call, thinks all of this praying is the cat's meow. "I believe there is no safe place for the devil. We're believing for miracles and a prayer movement that will erupt in this city [Washington, D.C.] and contend with the darkness. That's our dream. That's why we've come."

You would think that Christians gathering in prayer might want to bring to the almighty such weighty issues as the possibility of nuclear war, the AIDs crises, poverty, the terrible hunger suffered by millions around the world, the on-going genocide in Africa, the growing class war which pits the rich against the rest of us, corruption in government, the soldiers and civilians being killed daily in Iraq and Afghanistan, the looming threat represented by the clash of Russia and Georgia, etc...

What does Engle and his cohorts think to be of utmost importance in the summer of 2008? The need to bring the nation [the U.S. of A.] back to God through intense worship, prayer and fasting." Engle "has a unique burden to see revival come to America and the end of abortion."

Morons like this shouldn't be allowed out of their cages. There is no bringing America "back" to God 'cause America was never with God. In fact, if Engle knew anything about America's early days, he would realize that in spite of all the god-talk, few people gave a rat's ass about religion or churches or god. About 17 percent of Americans at the time of the Revolution were affiliated with a church (and that's a high estimate)!

Furthermore, there is nothing whatsoever "unique" about Engle's "burden!" He's just one of literally thousands of scam artists wandering around, whining about his "burden from the Lord" and skimming money from the ignorant and gullible.

But there it is - the two biggest concerns on which to concentrate all these prayers: revival and abortion!

The kicker in all this is that Engle and friends have shown the world that prayer doesn't work! In fact, Engle and CNN and the 700 Club proved that back in 2000 when they met for the first time to "fast and pray for the country, the presidential elections and spiritual revival."

What we got was Georgi Buski, Dickie Cheney and all the other neocon neanderthals who immediately raised the flag and ordered their minions to lead our poor, unsuspecting soldiers off to war which has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. They stayed behind in their wood-paneled, shag-carpeted offices, of course.

Those prayers in 2000 were either ignored completely by the almighty or she decided to punish the United States by allowing Bush/Cheney to steal the election and it's all been downhill since then.

The worst president/vice presidential team in American history - thanks to Pat Robertson, Lou Engle, and all those pray-ers who "gathered in the nation's capitol" in 2000!

Thanks for nothing!

(You can read more about this particular bit of wingnuttery here.)


Shareen ♥ said...

Lou Engle is a moron. This man must think he is god and acting as gods worker with "the call." How dare a man rally on behalf of abortion when he is not a female- nor will ever experience what a women feels when she is pregnant. Its called ignorance....

Anonymous said...

All the prayers have worked for Pat and his friends. Too bad they didn't help in Darfur or any of the places in the world that have been sufferring for years. why not gather in Darfur and pray?

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