Thursday, August 14, 2008

We'll arrrest you when you're done preaching

PZ Myers at Pharyngula brought this to my attention. It derives from the ReligionNewsBlog.

Anthony Hopkins, 37, is an "evangelical" preacher without a regular church. He preached in a variety of fundamentalist venues throughout the south.

He is now in jail, held without bond.

In late July, his 19-year old daughter went to authorities in Mobile, Alabama to report that her father had been abusing her since she was 11 years old. But that was the least of it. In November 2004, the preacher's wife caught Anthony "abusing" his daughter in the bathroom which resulted in a big argument and eventually led to Anthony killing his wife.

With the help of his abused daughter, he hid his wife's body in a freezer, where it has resided for at least four years.

Authorities went to Hopkins' house but found no one at home. He was preaching at a revival at the Inspirational Tabernacle Church of God in Christ - a sermon "about forgiveness and not passing judgment."

Here's the kicker: The police left the house and went to the church where they did, indeed, find Hopkins holding forth from the pulpit. THEY LET HIM FINISH HIS SERMON BEFORE THEY ARRESTED HIM!

PZ Myers why the police would give such respect to this murdering, "monstrous psychopath" that they'd let him finish preaching before putting on the cuffs.

It isn't too surprising, however. We live in a la-la land where literally millions of people "respect" charlatan clergy like Dobson, Hagee, Pasley, Benny Hind, Joel Osteen, and hundreds of lesser lights to the extent they base their lives on these preacher's religious concoctions!

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Anonymous said...

Although I am amazed at the willingness of people to accept anyone, regardless of any credentials as speaking for God, it is their right. As the charlatans are being unmasked, new ones rise up to take their place. Religion is a good business in the USA. There are few restrictions of the various people that form churches. There are great tax advantages and little oversight. Why people need to have a preacher tell them what they have read in the Bible is beyond me. If God wrote, or caused to be written, His words, why is an interpreter needed? The abuses are frequently exposed and gullible people keep coming back for more. Like politics, if money is removed, more good could be done. In Biblical days, the preachers worked for nothing and the followers saw to it that they were fed, clothed and housed. It seems to have worked well and miracles were forthcoming. Once a church and hierarchy was established, money was intorduced and corruption soon followed. Once upon a time, prophets roamed the earth spreading the word and the poor were helped. Soon the rich assumed power and control and the poor was ignored. Now we have multi millionaires preaching and profiting. The poor have become victims of phonies and charlatans’ claiming special conversations with God. Somehow things got changed around and religion has been used to control people rather than helping them.

Bob Poris

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