Friday, May 1, 2009

Torture with tools by Fisher-Price

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Grandpa Eddie said...

This bitch doesn't ever STFU!

When Hannity gets waterboarded Coulter needs to be waterboarded at the same time.

I can only listen to this screeching cunt for just so long.

A World Quite Mad said...

She is a hateful bitch, and I generally use the word "bitch" sparingly, because otherwise it loses it's impact.

She needs details of the torture? I suggest she look at the pictures of Abu Ghraib.

They're not afraid of being arrested, because of "wussy stuff"? Hmm, so is she implying that since murderers and rapists might not be deterred by life in prison, or the death penalty for that matter, after all lethal injection is too easy for them, that our rights ought be suspended so that we can start torturing American citizens so that they'll be afraid to commit crimes? This is the same thing they used to do in medieval Europe until the 19th century. Public execution. People bring their kids and a picnic lunch and watch someone be burned at the stake or hanged or drawn and quartered. That's the conclusion her convoluted "logic" train takes me to.

Oh yeah, she needs to be waterboarded. Maybe then she can tell me all about how much she likes it and how "Fisher Price" it is.

Speaking of sleep deprivation, I wonder how these two sleep at night.

Second least popular President? I found this hard to believe, the sirens went off in my head. (They scream "LIAR!") And sure enough, she is lying, as usual. Margin of error not withstanding, there have been other presidents in the last week of April/first week of May who had lower numbers than Obama. He's right on par with some of them, but few are above him. Clinton is below him at the hundred day mark, as is Bush the first. But to show you that this means a hill of beans, Bush the second was at the same approval rating a hundred days in. You should really check out this site. Bush has the most red, meaning disapproval, of any other President. I call that EPIC fucking FAIL. In fact, I don't even know how these people can sit there with a straight face and tell us that they have the right ideas, considering that they supported the prior administration, demonstrably the most disastrous presidency ever.

Russ said...

Shameless denial by people only interested in saying the things that Fox producers want them to say. This isn't about tortue yes or torture no it's about sensational teevee to promote the next commercial and the profit it produces.

Jacob said...

@ Russ - I think you are certainly right - the mantra of FAUX news and other corporate-owned media is "say anything, do anything" so long as it creates a profit.

I'm interested in your opinion, though, as to whether the Beck's and Colbert's and Hannity's of our time really believe what they're saying.

If so, that's one thing. If not, that's a horse of another color and makes them even more dangerous!

Russ said...

I believe they just say these things to sensational and riveting. They most likely get off camera and say "those suckers".

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