Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lieberman the locust likes waterboarding

The material in this diatribe comes from ZP Heller of Brave New Films, via AlterNet.

Lieberman, the locust, in the following video doesn't want to call waterboarding torture and thinks that a president should retain the option if he/she thinks it will save us from another 9/11 attack.

He also spouts the old debunked crap that waterboarding works.

Lieberman should be tossed out of the Senate on his ass!

Heller's full article is here.


A World Quite Mad said...

Maybe we can waterboard him for charity too.

I think that all these people who think that waterboarding is okay should be waterboarded themselves and then they can let us know what they think of it afterwards.

Jacob said...

I agree. I mean, it's not so bad, right? But when they do Lieberman they should ask him questions relating to intelligence; like what is his IQ. Let's see if he'd tell the truth or continue to insist it's way up there about 70.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Yeah this dipshit need to be waterboarded, too.

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