Sunday, April 26, 2009

Utah Republican going after Satan and godless liberals

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Don Larsen, a Repugnican from Utah County in the great state of Utah, hates the Ford Foundation. Click here and find out why the Ford Foundation is a pit of evil doing the work of Satan.

Larsen is so upset about this, and being a racist of the first magnitude, he intends to do something about all those goddamn nogoodnik immigrants sneaking into our country and messing up our families and whole system of Christian American family values which have made this country the greatest country on the whole earth, which was created by God hisself in six days 6000 years ago!

Larsen submitted a resolution at a gathering of Utah County Republicans up in Orem, which he claims reflects the Utah State Republican Platform.

Here's a few whereases:

1. "Whereas, the hate-American 'open borders' cabal emerged from the radicalism of the 1960s and matured in the fight over amnesty for illegal aliens in the 1980s. It gained mainstream status in the 1990s as the 'globalization' and 'multilateralism' fads of the decade encouraged talk of a 'world without borders' and the decline or demise of the nation-state. At the center of the movement is the Ford Foundation, the largest tax-exempt foundation in the world and one guided by the radical left new world order elite."

Wow! I didn't know that! Amazing.

I wonder if there's something in the water up in Utah that creates mental fatigue, mental deficiency and conspiracy theories.

Of course, I blamed the water for Larry Craig, too.

So, maybe it's not the water. Maybe it's...ah...Mormonism! That's it! I've got it! The Mormons are at fault! They're crazier than loons to begin with, so they must be feeding this crap to their members.

Oops! I don't know if Larsen's a Moron, er, Mormon.

Here's another whereas: "Whereas, traditionals and patriots throughout our country watch in nearly impotent dismay as the godless globalist elites destroy our heritage leaving us without memory of our past and with little hope for our children's future. Our globlist (sic) elites subvert every tradition and ethic that elevates men above beasts. In the United States of America an arrogant godless white elite champions globalization."

Oh dear. "Impotent dismay." That could refer to any guy over 50. "Godless globalist elites" - I don't he talking about Bush, Cheney and Rove? What traditions and ethics elevates men above beasts? Notice he doesn't mention women.

In another whereas he tears into open borders and the goddamn illegal immigrants who are "bringing in dangerous diseases, drugs .... gangs, a corrupt Third World culture, terrorists, and more."

Shoot. I thought Texas and Oklahoma had most of the morons. Have to add Utah to the list. But it is good to know that Larsen is a Repugnican, the party of morons, asshats and dipshits who live in a surreal world that nobody recognizes except those as crazy as they are.

Read more here. Larsen blames Satan or the devil for immigration here. If you want to know what Satan looks like, click here.

Update: Larsen's resolution was rejected.

h/t to Adult Christianity


A World Quite Mad said...

Can we let Utah secede instead? Seriously.

As for that Satan picture, someone got happy with Photoshop. And what idiot would use a disposable camera and attempt to take pictures of a lunar eclipse? You can't take pictures of an eclipse with a disposable camera. LMAO

Jacob said...

Utah's good to go. Isn't that a neat photo? Heh. Heh. Morons R Us are overrunning our country!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Utah, another state we could drop off the list of 50, and no one would notice that it was gone. That state is filled with batshit crazy religious radicals who believe everyone should live by their rules.

Bob Poris said...

Amazing! I guess he thinks illegal immigration is a new thing. It has been around as long as we had borders and was a great place to live. The Mormons had a difficult time when they trekked across into and then out of Mexico seeking a better life.

Our borders have been porous under every administration as long as I can remember. Simple minds seek simple answers.

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