Thursday, April 30, 2009

Every Repugnican wants to be Rush Limbaargh

David Lightman, writing for McClatchy, has noted that as Obama's reputation soars and as he makes good on a number of campaign promises, the GOP is becoming a gaggle of Rush Limbaarghs. Well, he didn't use those words; rather, he said "GOP rhetoric becomes extreme."

Rhetoric is all the GOP has to offer. The GOP is drowning in a cesspool of their own creation. The GOP is screaming because they can't think of anything else that might save them.

Lightman explains how a "GOP Leader Alert" issued by Repugnicans in the House cried that Obama's budget was "The most harmful budget in American history." Hey, I'm not making this up: "The most harmful budget in American history."

How would they know? Most Repugnicans know less about American history than George W. Bush!

Then Mike Pence, the nogoodnik from Indiana, screeched that "the Democrats' global warming proposals" were gonna "change the complexion and economic fortunes of the heartland of this country for generations."

Did you get that? "Heartland" and "generations." How's that for heated rhetoric! How's that for playing to the base - the lowest common denominator? It's all a crock of shit, of course, but what Pence failed to mention in his diatribe was that if something isn't done about global warming the generations to come will be swarming all over the "heartland" because the coastland will be under water!

Then, as Lightman points out, the weeper, John Boner, said the Democratic budget was "the Bernie Madoff budget." Isn't Boner funny? Don't you want to laugh so hard you break into tears? Oh, but that's not all he said that was funny. I mean, who's not afraid of a "big socialist government" in Washington? And Boner reminded all Repugnicans everywhere that that's where Obama's budget will lead us - to a beeg socialist government! Yikes!

We must not forget Judd Gregg, the dimwit from New Hampshire who begged off from a secretaryship in the Obama administration 'cause he realized he was too damn dumb to make it work. Well, Judd Gregg is now pissing and moaning, not because Obama shook hands with Chavez -- except, of course, he doesn't think that was really the right thing to do -- oh no, it's because Obama has adopted Chavez's policies. Yup!

Wow! I didn't know that! And I'll betcha Obama is glad that his misguided attempt to put Gregg on his cabinet in a gesture of bipartisanship failed?

The worst, however, is a new ad by the National Republican Senatorial Committee. They really ought to do hard time for this one. Here's how it goes:

"'I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear,' then lists Cabinet nominees who had income tax problems before segueing into Chavez hollering, 'Go to hell 100 times.' At the same time, the viewer sees pictures of Obama and Chavez warmly greeting each other.

"'And that's just the first 100 days,' the ad says."

I've seen it. It's not pretty. It shows that swine flu as infected the brains of most all the Repugnican in the United States Congress.

Every Repugnican these days is competing to see if he/she can sink lower in the slime than Rush Limbaargh!


Grandpa Eddie said...

The Rethuglicans have given in to their baser instincts which is hate and attack. That's all they have left, they have nothing to offer. They are not willing to work with Obama, although he has repeatedly offered the chance. But they won't because they want the country run the way they want it run and that's it.

Bob Poris said...

I think the Dems should bring Carvel back to answer such nonsense. Carvel is an attack dog with a great sense of humor. They need some ridicule and some challenges as to facts and their own history re budgets, etc. Being nice simply did not work. I wish it had, but it didn’t, The NO Party will implode soon as things will get better eventually. I hope a list is being made of al the dumb, scary things the Republicans have been warning us about. They should be held accountable for what they say and do. They have not been helpful and deserve to be taken to task for all their negativity and hopes that the President fails.

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