Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Democrats are at fault for swine flu says Michele Bachmann

Yup, it's all the Democrat's fault, this swine flu thingy. And it's very likely that every pandemic since God quit creating some 6000 years ago are the result of Democratic tinkering with God's creation...Bachmann would love to lay the previous pandemic at the feet of Jimmy Carter. Unfortunately for this ignorant twit, Gerry Ford was da prezident at the time!


A World Quite Mad said...

She sounds like Sarah Palin and is about as intelligent.

Does she seriously believe the shit she spouts, or does she say it for the ratings and attention?

Jacob said...

She seriously believes! She's a believer. Jebus is coming back any minute. Mac Hammond is a man of god.

Obama is the anti-Christ (and a Muslim!)

She believes!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Yeah, swine flu hit here in 1976 and Carter took office in January 1977. Yup, it was Jimmy's fault, just like everything that happened during the last eight years was Clinton's fault because of the blowjob he got in the Oval Office.

Bob Poris said...

She is nuts! She never responds to any questions as to her outbursts facts or fiction. Her voters deserve her as she represents them

Bob Poris said...

Why did they elect her in the first place? I suspect, the electorate agrees with her. Too bad, she is nuts, ignorant and stupid but many voters like voting for someone just like them.

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