Friday, May 1, 2009

Torture in Poland

You probably thought the title of this post referred to Bush giving a speech to the people of Poland.

Not so. Although it does have to do with Bush, it refers to his actions, not his speeches. His speeches were often filled with flowery phrases like "axis of evil," "democracy is us," "we is learning now Saddam had WMDs" -- things like that. None of which meant anything.

But when it came to torture, Bush meant every word!

So, under the authority of Bush/Cheney, the CIA set up secret prisons in Europe to which the US of A (the great moral leader of the world) would rendition prisoners caught in the so-called, misnamed "war on terror" and torture them.

At least one of these secret prisons was in Poland. An intensive investigation is going on in Poland now to find out how this happened; who knew about it; and who authorized it.

John Goetz and Britta Sandberg, writing at, describe how, back in March of 2003, a CIA plane flew Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, "the architect of the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington", who had been captured in Pakistan, to a special CIA prison in northeastern Poland near the Szymany airport.

There he was tortured. Waterboarded, in fact. Up to eight times a day.

Other prisoners were brought to this CIA prison to be tortured. Which was and is, illegal! Thus "Flight routes were manipulated and falsified for this purpose and, with the knowledge of the Polish government, the European aviation safety agency Eurocontrol was deliberately deceived."

All of which has led Warsaw public prosecutor to investigate "former Polish Prime Minister Leszek Miller's government on allegations on abuse of office." That investigation within Poland, along with other investigations into the role Polish intelligence played in Bush's tortureland, are ongoing.

Goetz and Sandberg have much more to say which you can read here. As you do, remember they're writing about deeply religious people, self-proclaimed Christians, one of which claimed to hear God talking to him, who think it is just hunky-dory to torture people if torture "works." Actually, even if it doesn't. 'Cause it might. Right, Dicky?


Grandpa Eddie said...

Poland, a land filled with Catholics....just like the Catholics who led the Spanish Inquisition.

Bob Poris said...

I believe all this should be made public and if crimes were committed, punishment of some kind should be considered. If Obama wants to use the tricks that Bush and his people used, what is to stop him? We must find out what happened and how it happened and how do we prevent it from happening again. Our system of checks and balances were ignored under the guise of keeping us secure. Hitler kept his citizens secure as did Stalin and Mussolini. It could happen here if we allow it to happen. Our freedom cost too much to allow some politicians to destroy it.

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