Friday, March 20, 2009

Shearing the sheep - again!

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Station Charon had an excellent and thought-provoking post yesterday entitled "Inviting the Sheep for Another Shearing." Here are a couple of excerpts:

"In the ongoing madness of an America in terminal decline, the great Surge II is now underway. This one has nothing to do with mass brainwashing that all is well in Iraq and that we are indeed winning thanks to our shining medal festooned superstar quarterback otherwise known as General God (aka David Petraeus) to divert the flocks attention away from a doomed imperialist crusade. Nope, this one hits closer to home, it started last Monday with a sly piece of internal propaganda from Citigroup's CEO Vikram Pandit having its best quarter since 2007 which triggered a sucker rally in the Wall Street casinos that dictate to the inhabitants of chumpland. The pocket media once again did their job, selling this latest call for the sheep to come and be sheared with all the effectiveness that they pimped the murderous lies of George W. Bush, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney. Things - ARE getting better you see, the gloom-doomers, the glass is half-empty pessimists, the neurotic nervous nellies and the naysaying Eyores are all wrong, it's a disease, in their heads, the economy is rocketing its way back to robustide. The most incredible example of just how thoroughly corrupt that the corporatist media has become is the pernicious cover story of the latest edition of Newsweek magazine that has a picture of good ole Uncle Sam saying that he want YOU to START SPENDING!... YOU need to INVEST in America - before it's too late."

Station Charon continues by detailing the Newsweek story by Daniel Gross which suggests that at this frightful time, we need more spending, spending, spending and risk-taking! Or in Gross' own words:

"As consumers hibernate and investors hoard cash, the economy is withering. This new age of thrift is understandable. But for a recovery to take hold, Americans will need to start taking risks again."

Gross goes on to suggest that this is the time to invest your money - "the mountain of cash has to be put to work."

Station Charon has something to say about that:

"Great solution, just trust Wall Street with that money, think long term, be patriotic even if the malefactors of great wealth do not and are more than happy to wallow in international troughs and then come back to shit on America. Gross, a highly-paid, high profile stooge is just playing his part in the ongoing relaunch project to save Wall Street looters and protect their plunder. ..."

There's much more of substance and much more edible food for thought in Station Charon's article.

Read it all here. (Before you rush out to hand your money to the Wall Street thieves).

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Bob Poris said...

Those with money can and will spend some. Many others have no choice as they have no money left. We are a consumer society but we were pushing paper and not making things so our workers could afford to buy the things we made. Selling paper for huge profits did not create manufacturing jobs and only benefited a small percentage of those with excess money to invest for more money. Trickle down is still for those with prostate problems. It sure did not create enough jobs in enough fields to keep us a wealthy society. The unions did provide good paying jobs so that people could buy things. That changed with outsourcing and abuses. The spread between worker and executive grew enormously and the middle class no longer could keep improving their incomes. Credit is needed and had better be used more wisely in future, if we have a future. Right now, huge debts look better than a total meltdown. Without cutting the current problems, there is a very dismal future. We do need change to correct the problems we have right now. The old way did not work apparently or we would be sitting on either a surplus, or the cost of war would have been paid for as we went along. Those debts must be paid and lowering taxable income did not pay as we went.

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