Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Climate change in the Arctic or Melting Ice

[Image of Columbia glacier from]

The Anchorage Daily News has provided a fascinating, if frightful glimpse, of climate change in the Arctic.

I wonder if Governor Palin knows about this? Oh, that's right. God told her there was no such thing as "climate change."

From the ADN: James Balog, a nature photographer, trudged off to the Arctic lugging "26 time-lapse cameras, which he programmed to sheet a frame every daylight hour for three years. The resulting images - which make up Balog's 'Extreme Ice Survey' project - show ice sheets including Alaska's Mendenhall and Columbia glaciers breaking apart and disappearing."

You can read more here.

The Extreme Ice Survey is here.

Somebody should run and tell Michael Steele, RNC chairman, that the world is melting.

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Bob Poris said...

Some might find this scary, no matter how they see the daily changes in weather; long term climate change has already been noted by fish and birds. They manage to avoid the politics and self serving nonsense that refuses to take the warnings seriously..just in case it is as bad as the vast majority of experts think it is. If they are correct, the younger readers might be in serious trouble long after we seniors are gone. At the moment, I would worry about buying coastal property subject to disappearance in the next twenty years or so. I live inland and live in hope.

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