Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is Sarah Gronert man or woman?

A tennis pro from Germany by name of Sarah Gronert was born with both male and female genitalia. What? Yup. She's now 22, and plays tennis as a woman.

The coach of an opposing team, Schlomo Tzoref, claims she serves too hard to be a woman. "This is not a woman," cried Schlomo, "it's a man."

The "official" arbiters of the sport don't seem to agree on what to do with Gronert or any players "who do not fit into the binary division of traditionally defined female and male ... "

I wonder what the wingnuts of the christianist right would say about this? Did God create Gronert with male and female sex organs? If God is the source of all created things, then the answer must be "yes."

What does that mean? How would God want Gronert to define him/herself? Does God want Gronert to be bisexual?

It's very confusing to a true Bible believer. Jesus never said a word about people born with male and female sex organs. Nor did Moses. Or Paul. Or Peter.

And if God created someone with dual sex organs, could he not just as easily have created homosexual people? Gronert didn't choose both types of sex organs. The majority of scientists are convinced that homosexuals do not choose their sexual preferences.

I guess I better study the Bible a little more closely. Or may John Hagee can help out. He claims to know God's word better than anyone. I'd check with Pat Robertson but I think he's out of favor with God at the moment. And Falwell's dead. Oh, Dobson's still around; he'll know what God wants!


moleboy said...

Ahhh...see, its not a binary proposition.
1. Male
2. Female
3. Abomination In The Eyes Of The Lord

Jacob said...

Very good, Moleboy!

Bob Poris said...

He/she is very attractive, How does he/she identify and how does he/she handle the quandary is not our business in any event but the choice is his/hers. Some women do have the strength of any man and some men have less than some women.

moleboy said...

Hey, gotta keep an eye out for those abominations. They are EVERYWHERE.
(usually a little penicillin helps)

Anonymous said...

True, God is the source of all created things. However, because of sin, mankind has brought diseases, disorders, malfunctions, etc. upon himself. Don't blame or accuse God for the results of sin.

Secondly, because God knows all things and is a just and righteous Judge, persons born with a generic disorder or genitalia deformity, the Lord Jesus will help them and guide them if they seek Him for an answer: gender and a companion who will love them. This is the absolute truth!

The Lord Jesus will not lead an individual to live in abomination and not according to the Father's will.

Satan is the author of confusion and will lead the person to live according to his/her own desire and will and use God as the accuse for making the perishing decision.

I hope and pray that those special souls seek the Lord Jesus and want to live according to the will of God, and not according to their own fleshly desires and will.

Therefore, we need to love them and pray for them, but not to pardon them or agree with them living against God's will.

Jacob said...

@ Anonymous - Don't want to leave your name, huh? Well, I don't blame you, writing such tripe as this!

Let's see, you believe in which god? Zeus, Osiris, Zoroaster? Yahveh? Yeshua? Caesar?

Well, let's say that you believe in Yahveh, who at times commanded his minions to slay thousands of people, rape the women and dash out the brains of children; who said that if your children do not respect the Sabbath they should be taken out and stoned to death; who, in place, even went so far as to say one may have to eat their own children!

But, wait, this is the god you claim is all-knowing. Let's see, omniscient, omnipotent...hmm...why would a god create a world that he knew would become "sinful" and that he would kill everyone in a terrible flood, and still the people wouldn't follow him so he'd have to have himself killed on a cross to satisfy his own demands for blood sacrifice and everyone who didn't believe this nonsense he would burn forever in a lake of fire?

What kind of god is that? And if your god is omnipotent why would he not create a world free from pain and suffering where "generic disorders" or "genitalia deformity" were non-existent, rather than creating a world where those are the least of our worries, compared to say, cancer? But no, your wonderful, loving god does all this stuff knowing full well he's creating hell on earth for billions and billions of human beings...

What a crock!

Oh, and why would this all-powerful and all-knowing god create such a being as Satan who can act as "the author of confusion."

Heh. Heh. Your beliefs are pretty funny.

No decent human being would even consider acting in such horrible ways as your god!

Benita said...

Wow!!!! I do believe in Jesus. After reading your comment, I must say you have alot of anger in you. But I will pray for you.

Jacob said...

@ Benita - Hah! Didn't you notice the "Heh. Heh"?

Does that sound like an angry person?

No, I just feel sad there are so many deluded people like yourself who live in fear of the wrath of an angry god who will burn you forever if you don't accept some nonsensical atonement theory created by fundamentalist morons.

I'll pray for you, too. To Dionysus - he's a real fun and happy god.

Jacob said...

@ Benita - Oh, one other thing: you said you believe in Jesus. What do believe in about him. That he lived? That he died for your sins so you don't have to really change your life, but just confess your sins, and the father god who is righteous and just will forgive your sins.

What a neat system?

But, Gee! Jesus was a Jew; never anything else. Very orthodox, too. Hmm... Do you keep the Sabbath? Uh, oh! I think you're in trouble!

One other thing - you never told me how you deal with the fact your god who knows everything before it happens and is all powerful, made such a mess of this old earth, and why he/she was/is so terribly violent?

I know this is really hard to deal with and you'd probably just go on pretending and reading C.S. Lewis. And that's fine. But pray for yourself, because there's always the chance that you got it wrong somehow and committed the unforgivable sin and will burn forever in hell.

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