Friday, March 20, 2009

National Day of Prayer's 58th Anniversary

The christianists in this country are insane! That's the only way to describe their continuing insistence on conducting a National Day of Prayer, not only nationally, but also in the States and in churches everywhere. They are insane because not one of their previous 57 prayer efforts has worked! Their prayers have either gone into the ether, or God doesn't bother listening to them; but whatever the case, nothing has changed.

In fact, in spite of very earnest and ardent prayer, which multiplied greatly under the Bush/Cheney dictatorship, we sunk to new lows in just about every category you could imagine or dream up!

There is only one conclusion to be had: God doesn't want a National Day of Prayer!

That hasn't stopped morons like Governor Rick Perry of the great State of Texas from exercising his right to insanity. On May 5, the Texas version of the National Day of Prayer will be held at the Austin Doubletree Hotel. It's a prayer breakfast. For some reason these pray-ers can't pray without eating. I wonder why that is?

The guv, an ultra rightwingnut christianist, is going to "present his proclamation and call Texas to prayer."

Now, lest you think that these pray-ers are sincere when they say all faiths are invited to participate, consider the fact that it is only right wingnut christianist fundamentalist kooks who are involved. In Texas, for example, Gary Bauer, rightwingnut christianist fundamentalist kook president of a trashy organization called the Family Research Council, is gonna be the keynote speaker!

What's really funny is that "Colt McCoy, his mom, Mrs. Debra McCoy and others will lead in prayer for the seven centers of power." I had no freaking clue who was Colt McCoy, so I had to look up the name...he's the quarterback for the University of Texas football team!

Wow! Can you imagine? A real christianist quarterback leading the folks in Texas in prayer. That's almost better than drinking a couple of Lone Stars! What is it about football players these days? Maybe it's something in their Gatorade that points them to Jesus.

And, if you don't know what the "seven centers of power" are, well, that's a christianist wingnut phrase and refers to: Government, Military, Media, Business, Education, Church, and Family. Now, that's pretty funny, too. It tells you right off what these people really believe. If they really believed the christianist crap they spout, the most important and first "center of power" would be the church!

It's all baloney. None of it means anything. Nothing changes. The christianist, evangelical Repugnicans continue to use every means at their disposal to disrupt and derail honesty, integrity and open government. With the Rick Perrys of the world, the word, God, is simply a euphemism for their own wet dreams about how they can obtain, hold onto, and increase their power.

They also don't believe what Jesus' told them to do, which was go into their closets and pray to the Father in private. Jesus very specifically said people should not stand on the street corners or before a bunch of pious frauds at the Austin Doubletree and pray publicly!

In addition, they don't believe in our Constitution, which clearly states there shall be no official recognition of religion in this country. And, the National Day of Prayer is about as "official" a recognition of Christianity as it can be!

So, once again, in the christianist, evangelical, Repugnican camp, hypocrisy rules and stupid is the word of the day! This is evidenced by the fact, that Perry, like some other Repug governors, doesn't want money from the stimulus package to help needy Texas folks, either.


Bob Poris said...

They will never change! Their prayers have not been answered. Maybe they pray for the wrong things! Maybe God doesn’t need their help. Maybe He is working on another planet somewhere beyond space. Who knows. In the meantime, the nuts continue repeating the same things that have not worked. Jesus did not let anyone know when to expect Him. He could have been back a million times and felt it better to leave us alone as we never seemed to learn anyway.

Anonymous said...

Prayers are answered everyday. We have seen many examples (in newspaper and Internet article headlines) of the transforming power of corporate prayer. Communities have dramatically lowered crime, suicide, unemployment and drug usage in examples where only prayer could be pointed to as the agent of change.

May 7th is The National Day of Prayer. It’s not just one day of prayer in 365. The day serves to highlight the need for intercessory prayer every day for our nation’s leaders and their families. Too often Americans whine about change for our nation yet are unwilling to bring the most powerful tool they process into action - prayer.

Millions of Americans now participate in the National Day of Prayer each year (1st Thursday in May). Last May 1st, tens of thousands of prayer gatherings were held, covering every state. “Day of Prayer” declarations were made from the President of the United States and all 50 governors. Prayer observances were held in 110 federal prisons, YMCAs, national monuments, Indian reservations, military bases, stadiums, nursing homes, airliners crossing our nation, schools, town halls, in the Senate and Congressional chambers of many state capitols, and overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq. In addition to these public activities, people gathered to pray in their homes, churches, and other private places. PrayerFlight, a group of Ohio-based private pilots, organized “50 Capitols” where pilots and their passengers prayed as they flew over each respective capitol. They will fly again this year.

Jacob said...

Give me one example and prove that a prayer was answered!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Jacob check this out:

Scientific Evidence for Answered Prayer and the Existence of God

Jacob said...

@ Anonymouses - you wingnuts are really something. Wait! I think I can figure out some new mumbo jumbo magic with which you can manipulate your god(s).

Try abbacadabra!

Anonymous said...

Could you please tell what part of the Constitution says we should not "recognize" religion?

Mine says the government is not to establish any religion. Last time I looked no one is compelled to attend, believe in or support any of these gatherings financially as the official state religion.

Mine says something about "free exercise." I think the National Day of Prayer is just that, regardless of whether you think it "works."

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