Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wild boars in church

Photo of wild boar from Field & Stream

Germany has a problem with wild boars. There are way too many of these animals in the country, and they are big and dangerous! According to the, there has been "a recent and massive explosion in Germany's wild boar population." It is estimated that 10,000 of them live within Berlin's city limits. Last year, German hunters killed 477,000 of the things but the wild boar population doubles each year.

Recently, at St. Martin's Protestant church center in Frankfurt, a wild boar exploded through a French window (shut) and then ran out the way he came in. Children and parents, screaming, jumped up on tables to get out of the boar's way.

It could have been a serious incident, but fortunately, no one was hurt.

I've been in a lot of churches and while I've never encountered a wild boar, I have seen some wild boors. I've also read sermons by wild boors, such as John Hagee.

Most of the time, though, churches are led by mild boors. And while the parishioners tend to fall asleep in their presence, few are actually hurt.

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