Monday, November 24, 2008

Obama may be the last black president

[Photo of CBN pundit, Gailon Totheroh]

It's amazing. The guy hasn't even been sworn in yet and at least one pundit is suggesting that Barack Obama may be the last black president.

Who would say something like that? His name is Gailon Totheroh. He's a health and science reporter for the Christian Broadcasting Network. He has a M.A. from Regent University (Pat Robertson's monument to ignorance and superstition), and that should tell you all you need to know.

Here's the problem, says Totheroh: There are so many abortions in the black community that the black population will continue to decline and "That would mean fewer good candidates for future political office and fewer voters down the road."

And the worst places for black babies -- where 50% of all abortions involve black women -- are Alabama, the District of Columbia, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, and Mississippi.

All of that begs the question, of course, as to why the black population has not declined over the years so that, in 2008, Obama's election would have been impossible.

Totheroh quotes figures from 2004 which show there are "a disproportionate number[] of black babies lost to 'pregnancy termination.'" Assuming those figures are correct, that "disproportionate number" did not arise suddenly in 2004, but long before. In other words, following Totheroh's logic, the black population, by 2008, should have declined to such an extent that Obama could have never been elected.

Totheroh wonders why Obama would support "abortion on demand," when it might mean he would be the last black president.

I wonder why Totheroh doesn't get a real job. Like so many christianists on the right, he likes to make stuff up and then wax profound. And why is everything about abortion? And is it really necessary to suggest that because Obama supports a woman's right to choose that he is "more interested in power than principle."

Perhaps he just can't understand that, in 2008, all kinds of different people of all different colors rejected the christianist "values" of exclusion and intolerance. It's a rainbow world and at the end of the rainbow was the golden hope of a new day symbolized by the election of Barack Obama. And a piece of the golden hope is the right of a woman to choose.

Oh, by the way, the number of abortions has decreased steadily [with a couple of bumps] over the past 30 years. Click here.


Anonymous said...

These experts are so ignorant; I wonder why we pay attention to them. Their ridiculous biases rarely make sense. They make statements with no facts and then complain about being asked to explain themselves. They have an audience. We will rarely change them. Why bother? There is a “stupid” portion to our electorate. I do not know how many vote but we cannot reach them as their minds are closed.
Bob Poris

megat said...

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Mberenis said...
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Jacob said...


What in the world are you talking about? Your comments have nothing to do with my post.

But thanks for writing...


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