Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mike Huckabee and "conservative" America

Mike Huckabee, the ex-governor of Arkansas, the ex-Baptist preacher, the ex-presidential candidate, never gives up. His lop-sided grin is showing itself on various talk shows, political rallies, and at gatherings of downtrodden conservatives everywhere. His lop-sided political stance that doesn't have a lick of sense is popping up on the radio, in articles and in books.

In fact, ol' Huck has just written another book, Do the Right Thing: Inside the Movement That's Bringing Common Sense Back to America.

Now, ol' Huck doesn't believe that Obama won by a landslide. Just one percentage point, he says. 52 to 48 doth not a landslide make, he says. Only 4 points he says. No biggie, he says.

Huck, however, fails to note the massive move in Congress toward the Democratic (read "left") side of the aisle; a movement that is still going on in Georgia and Minnesota. Something happened in this last election and whether Huck wants to call it a landslide or an avalanche is really beside the point.

You see, Huck, like so many extremist fundamentalist Christians who think they should be president so they can lead the country back to their god, tends to turn away from reality.

Why did Obama win? Well, he ran "an absolutely flawless, masterful campaign" says Huck. Yup. But. really, why did Obama win? Well, he didn't show us who he really is, says Huck. He didn't say, "at least openly -- that he was going to redistribute people's income and that he would be a very pro-abortion-type president."

Aha! Obama isn't even in office yet, but Huckabee knows that he's going to do what Huckabee said he didn't say he would do.

Ol' Huck must think he's still on the campaign trail, tossing out those discarded and tattered McCain/Palin attempts at character-assassination.

But he is a believer! That's the trouble with Huck and fundamentalist Christians in general -- they "believe" even without any evidence.

So Huck says "I think most Americans are pro-life. Most believe in the Second Amendment. Most believe that smaller government is better than big government."

In other words, Huck is completely out-of-touch. Huck does not know what the hell is going on in this country. Huck better head back to the Baptists and see if he can get another preacher job. He's a perfect fit as they don't need any evidence for their beliefs, either!


Anonymous said...

I agree with your point about the Huckster and the Religious-Right in general, as "being out of touch." But when one considers their dilemma upon closer inspection, what else can he or any of them for that matter, do?

Obama's election was not only a societal-shift to the left, but a repudiation of those who had power (them), by a majority of the Americans who participated in the election. And election that had the highest voter turnout in about 100 years (that's a lot of people metaphorically giving them the finger, you know?). I have to believe that this level of rejection must be pretty hard for them to swallow after so much success. And then have to stand in front of your constituents and explain why their god has abandoned them -- once again -- right when they were so close to having it all.

So the Huckster and all the others have to put on a brave face and stick with the message -- "teh gays and the abortionists." Because the only alternative for them, is to admit that "it is they" who are now seen by the majority in the country as the problem. Which would in turn (logically speaking), force them to question the unquestionable -- the sanctity of their religious fanaticism. And the apparent support of god, for teh gays and abortionists. Or, as in some cases, "The Anti-Christ" is at fault here, and he will soon be occupying the WH.

They will believe any inanity, or convince themselves of any outright lie, in order to avoid dealing with REALITY. Their world has been shaken, but not to worry. They will take off the armor-of-god they've been wearing proudly, lo' these many years, and don the sackcloth and ashes of martyrdom as they cry and bleat about how they are being excluded and legislated out of existence. Because their hate speech against anyone who does not uphold their banner, is all they got. And obviously, there's no fun in that kind of self-analysis and self-criticism. It’s always so much easier when one can point their finger at "the other." Which when you think about, that's about all that religion has ever been good for.

In fact, it's their bread and butter....

Jacob said...

Well, DeSwiss, I'd say you hit several nails on the head with that comment!



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