Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Evangelicals, Gays and traditional marriage

Evangelical Christians tend to oppose same-sex marriage. This is especially true of those who fall into the fundamentalist spectrum of evangelical Christianity. Fundamentalist Christians are up in arms all over the United States, loudly lamenting their fear that same-sex marriage will destroy traditional marriage.

Some groups, such as The Traditional Values Coalition, Focus on the Family, and the American Family Association, are rabid in their homophobia and their opposition to gays tying the knot. In fact, homophobia is a major pillar upon which they build their houses of hate. One of the most important items on their agendas is the enactment of legislation which would deny gays the right to marry.

This article from The Traditional Values Coalition provides a look at some of the usual arguments used by fundy wingnuts against same-sex marriage.

Methinks they ought to shut the hell up and tend to the disorder in their own house before they attack gay marriage.

A variety of studies and polls over the years have shown that "Divorce rates among conservative Christians [are] significantly higher than for other faith groups, and much higher than Atheists and Agnostics experience."

Fundy Christians, who "value" traditional marriage so deeply, divorce more often than other faith groups, and much more often than atheists and agnostics!

At this point we can't say much about gay divorce rates because they aren't allowed to marry in most states, and studies relative to divorce among gays vary wildly largely due to lack of information. One study in Denmark, however, found that about 17% of gay marriages ended in divorce.

But once again we are confronted with the monumental hypocrisy of fundy Christians who rail that gay marriage will destroy traditional marriage even as they wend their way to the divorce courts to end their traditional marriages.

There's more here, and here, and further discussion here.

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Anonymous said...

Gay marriage does no more harm than a bad marriage between hetero sexual people. We do not know what our neighbor does in the privacy of their home and it is none of our business. Heterosexual teachers have mole stated students for years. So have religious figures, doctors, professional people, etc regardless of sexual orientation.
If you are really worried about the sanctity of marriage, do away with divorce, annulments, etc. Make marriage a lifelong contract that cannot be broken. Make people work out their problems if marriage is to be permanent and sacred. Punish adultery with stoning, as the Bible tells us. Let’s get serious about what marriage is or isn’t. Sexual orientation is not the problem. Deviants exist in all types. If they do harm, punish them. If they behave, allow them the right to privacy, even if you do not like what they do or do not do. It is their business and not ours. Get everyone out of our bedrooms and our pants.
Bob Poris

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