Monday, November 24, 2008

Burn a cross on your lawn for Xmas

I'm exaggerating. The American Family Association is not selling a cross that you can actually burn on your lawn.

It just looks like that.

But to get in the mood for the one some claim came to bring peace to mankind, it's always nice to put up a flaming cross in front of your house during the Christmas season. That brings so many things to mind - like the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the Klan.

AFA suggests that this is a great way to portray "your Christian faith this Christmas," and "to honor our Lord Jesus."

Well, maybe not. Christmas is the winter solstice and Easter is the spring solstice. If you want to put up a simulated burning cross in your yard, wait until Easter, when the crucifixion event is said to have happened. Christmas has to do with little no, sorry, that's Easter. Christmas has to do with little babies in mangers and wise men and shepherd and angels singing in the sky. It's a fuzzy-warm time. Oh, and it has to do with Santa Claus and reindeer flying through the sky, and shopping and shopping and shopping and spending gobs of money so our fair merchants will have a splendid Xmas season.

Whatever. You can buy your cross here. I'm not sure, but you'll probably have to buy your own white robes.

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