Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanking Palin

This is just too funny!

The Our Country Deserves Better political action committee has produced two TV commercials to thank Sarah Palin. They began airing yesterday. Fortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to see them.

But wait until tomorrow - Thanksgiving Day. All four major networks will run them. Ugh!

Thank Palin for what? Well, how about for being such a neat conservative, and like, well, like her service. What service? Well, like running around the country in Neiman Marcus outfits assassinating the character of Barack Obama; or like revving up the rednecks and the racists to the point that threats against Obama's life increased exponentially? Maybe like dragging down the McCain ticket to its certain demise?

Sal Russo is one of the honchos for OCDB and he thinks Palin was unjustly attacked during the campaign. She took a lot of cheap shots, he thinks. And the problem is the Washington "elites," of course. "Washington elites don't like outsiders," said Sal. "We want her to know that doesn't reflect what millions of Americans think."

Of course not. Hell, millions of Americans voted for the Smirking Chimp! Twice! Does that tell you something, Mr. Russo? Not only is it possible for ten million Frenchmen to be wrong, as the saying goes, but so can ten million Americans. Or more!

And please get off the elitist stuff. No one ever tells us exactly who these people are. John McCain, for sure. The entire Republican contingent in Congress, also. Furthermore, if you knew anything about Palin you'd know that there is nothing that she wants more than to be part of the so-called Washington "elite."

Actually, if any group ought to thank Palin, it's the Democratic Party: Thank her for her winking eye, for her inanity, for her whiny voice, for her stupidity, for her multiple lies, for her inability to put two sentences together that make sense, for her failure to release her medical records, for her wanting to ban books in the Wasilla library, for her "selling" her plane on eBay, for her lack of ethics, for her $27 million in earmarks when mayor of Wasilla, for her backing the "Bridge to Nowhere" and then lying about it on TV, for her slinging of mud day after day on the campaign trail ...

Thank the gods enough Americans put all that together and decided Palin the pervaricator is not the kind of person we want anywhere near the White House. John McCain went down in large part because he put politics above principle, choosing Palin as his running mate in order to pander to the christianist right-wing when anyone with half a brain could see she doesn't have the qualifications to be a decent human being, much less a vice president who sleeps a heartbeat away from the Oval Office.

The PAC is rightly named, however. Anyone knowing the least little bit about Sarah Palin and who isn't sunk in the mire of rightist wingnuttery, would say of her, "Our Country Deserves Better"!

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Anonymous said...

I think it is time for new bumper stickers for those that are not elitists., “I am proud of my kid who is at the bottom of his class” “My kid is dumber than your Elitist Honor Student kid” My kid cannot get into a first grade school. I am so proud of him/her” “My kid got turned down for a raise because he is just like all the other dummies.” “I am not elite. I do nothing well” “Hey I am average. Almost retarded” ” Find me a stockbroker that doesn’t know anything”. “Get me a doctor that was last in his graduating class” “I need a dentist that failed to pass his test the first six times he took them”
Make up your own if you do not like Elitists. We had a President for eight years that never could be considered to be elite except for the wealth his family gave him. Luckily for him, he was not even successful in losing all of it. Compare him to what we are seeing of Obama, who thankfully is intellectually elite in many ways. We need more people that are outstanding in their fields of expertise.
Bob Poris

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