Monday, November 24, 2008

China's spying and prying

Would you believe that China has been spying on the United States? How dare those sneaky Chinese? The United States would never spy on China! Or any other country. Would it?

That's the problem with technology. Anybody can get their hands on it and use it for their own benefit. Sheesh! In fact, a congressional advisory panel reported a couple of days ago that "China has stepped-up computer espionage attacks on the U.S. government, defense contractors and American businesses."

Not only so, but "aggressive Chinese space programs were allowing Beijing to better target U.S. military forces."

Larry Wortzel, chairman of the congressional commission, said "China is stealing vast amounts of sensitive information from U.S. computer networks."

Why would this be the least bit surprising? Why would anyone think that China would refrain from trying to expand "its sphere of control even at the expense of its Asian neighbors and the United States."

It is the height of hypocrisy for U.S. leaders to bitch about any of this, for the Chinese have simply adopted our M.O. Bush and the neocons went full-blast in their attempt to expand our "sphere of control" in the Middle East. First, it was Iraq, and then it was going to be all those damn Arab/Muslim countries. We'd show 'em how to do it and turn them into mini-democracies modeled after our own.

Furthermore, we've had spies in the skies for years and you can bet that we know the name of every person who owns a car with a license plate in Beijing and Shanghai. And if we haven't been hacking Chinese computers, we need a thorough house-cleaning of our intelligence agencies.

This is what countries do, even friendly countries.

So, maybe all that lovey-dovey stuff during the Olympics a few months ago was just for show? Or maybe the Chinese have stepped up their efforts at spying and prying because they watched our own "great" leader 1) fall all over himself in the Olympic stands, and 2) further fall all over himself trying to pat the asses of our women's volleyball team, and 3) they figure he's an idiot.

The Chinese probably thought, "Sheesh, with a prez like that, how hard could it be to dig deeper into America's secrets?"

Not too hard, evidently.

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Anonymous said...

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