Monday, November 24, 2008

Focus on the Family asks "Where's God?"

[Photo of FOF building by Houdini2]

That's the trouble. You just can't depend on the deity anymore.

Focus on the Family, god's favorite extremist christianist font of charlantry, is having financial problems. I know we're in a recession/depression (no matter what the Chimp says), but really, who'd a thought that god woulda let Focus on the Family suffer money pains.

Last year, FOF took in $146 mil from suckers around the world. That's a lotta loot for old James to play with!

The "economic downturn" (dontcha just love that phrase?) means that FOF's budget is going to shrink from $160 mil to only $138 mil in 2009. Shucks! Evidently a few people are concluding that they'd rather eat than give money to FOF so James can beat up on gays and try to destroy our public schools; all in the name of god, you know.

FOF, with a total staff of 1,150, will be laying off 202 employees and make other changes in how they get the "word" out, such as reworking some print magazines into online publications.

So, where's god? Doesn't she care about FOF? Did Dobson not pray hard enough? Wouldn't you think that god, knowing all the good work that FOF does around the world, would ensure that it operated at its peak capacity?

Or maybe...just maybe...there is a god after all!

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