Sunday, October 5, 2008

Palin the liar

Like George W. Bush, Sarah Palin is a liar!

Palin lied about her support for the infamous "bridge to nowhere." The evidence is clear she supported the bridge before it became the topic of ridicule across the nation.

Palin lied about seeing Russia from Alaska. While there is a little island upon which you can stand and from which you can indeed see Russia, Palin has never been there. The few people that live on the island may have seen Russia but they've never seen Palin.

Palin lied about how she "began" the increasingly infamous gas pipeline. Because of her political contortions and machinations, the big players in the oil and gas business refused to get involved in the bid for the pipeline which meant the contract went to a Canadian company. But the pipeline has not "begun" as Palin would have us believe. And actual construction of the pipeline is many years away, if it ever happens! [Click here for Time's excellent article detailing Palin's actions.]

Palin lied about her opposition to earmarks. She actively sought handouts from the federal government for Wasilla during her tenure as mayor, at the same time that her "mentor," Mr. McCain was denouncing those same earmarks, specifically remarking on the folly that was Wasilla under Palin.

Palin lied about her involvement in the attempt to get her state trooper ex-brother-in-law fired and now not only refuses to cooperate in the legislative investigation to uncover the truth, but is actively attempting to derail and/or shut down the investigation.

Palin, like George W. Bush, is a liar!

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Anonymous said...

So what...the ladies love her because she is just like them, it seems. I thouhgt we had enounh of Bush, now some want a female version. I am sure there were plenty of smart, capable women in politics beside Palin. Why did McCain pick such a bad one? Is his judgment that bad? I think it is.
Bob Poris

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