Monday, October 6, 2008

Religious dummies & the political process

The local paper that arrives on my driveway every morning is often filled with irrelevant, religious tripe.

Today's "Your Opinion" section includes a weird letter from a "religious" woman which describes her visit to a church service where the pastor associated the number "666" with the anti-Christ. She wonders why "666" and not "777" or even "6666?"

She says, "The significance may not be with that particular number, but the amount of them that is represented."

Then she suggests the number "3" might be more important.

Here's her conclusion: Should we maybe asking ourselves why this number has significance instead of the symbology of a particular?"

Sounds just like Sarah Palin!

The immediate question is: Who gives a damn about any of this? And: What does this have to do with the problems we face as a city, a community, a state, a nation, a world?

The world is filled with religious morons. The truth is none of this matters in the least. This numerological bullshit derives from biblical apocalyptic literature, all of which is nonsensical, based upon ancient texts worth less than the papyrus upon which they were written. They contain the rantings of madmen who thought they had a pipeline to god but, in reality, had only a conduit to their own darkside.

The anti-Christ, the number "666," and all the rest of the apocalyptic crap that is harvested from these ancient writings is of utterly no consequence and has absolutely nothing to do with reality!

While it is sad that someone is moved to write such a strangely incoherent letter to the editor relating to this biblical insanity, it becomes downright frightening to think that she is not alone. She represents literally millions of Americans who are being conned on a daily basis by religious shamans and charlatans into believing what is nothing more than biblically-based garbage.

Even worse, these are the people who vote! They form McCain's base. They are the reason the religious right poobahs chose Palin as McCain's running mate. They are the people on which the Republican National Committee relies in the race for the White House.

These are the people who gave George W. Bush just enough votes to allow the Repugs to manipulate the elections of 2000 and 2004 sufficiently to get G. W. "elected."

These are the people who think that god has annointed Sarah Palin to become president of the United States.

That indicates pretty clearly that, if there is a god, he/she must be a devil!

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Anonymous said...

Why bother wih such stuff? She is nuts. Next we will get a Scientolgist's view on the origins of the universe, as per Ron Hubbard. He was as correct as is this misgudied lady, as long as he believes it to be true. I believe in other things and know I am right. Who cares unless it will solve our problems as a nation? We existed with a variety of religous views and survived in spite of them. God will do what He wants to do, regardless of our telling Him what He wants. If He can create the Earth in six days and then sit back waiting for Pat Robertson to come along, He is in trouble. I find that unGodlike.He ahs His reasons and they are mysterious o us simple mortals.Stop second guessing God.
Bob Poris

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