Saturday, October 4, 2008

Spore creates Christian freak-out

Will Wright, creator of The Sims, has put together a new video game called Spore. It "lets you build a creature from scratch and help it grow from a grunting animal to a civilized space farer."

It is not surprising that certain Christian right wingnuts are up in arms about this "terrible" game which puts a face on evolutionary theory and actually allows people to pretend that, not only is there a god, but that god used evolution to set the earth and its inhabitants in motion. In fact, the game player can play god.

Frankly, I think it's about time that normal, well-adjusted people tell the Christian right wingnuts that nobody gives a rat's ass about what they think about anything! I think it's about time that normal, well-adjusted people tell the Christian right wingnuts to stick their noses in their bibles and shove them up their behinds!

Enough, already!

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Anonymous said...

Is it not conceivable that God has adjusted some of His views over the centuries? Would not an intelligent designer add or subtract to original thoughts? Is it possible He has sent numerous sons and even daughters to earth to check out things over the centuries? We keep looking for Jesus only but He could have shaved and gotten a haircut, changed into modern clothing and mixed with the crowd. He, or others, might have suffered many deaths because people didn’t recognize Him. Who knows? He might have come back as a Rabbi and been shipped off to a concentration camp by some well meaning Christians. Maybe he is disguised as a light skinned, half white candidate for President or even a soccer mom running for Veep. God moves in mysterious ways His miracles to perform and doesn’t need the endorsement of TV evangelists. What good is money in Heaven anyway? Think about it! Change can occur in the universe after all.
Bob Poris

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