Sunday, October 5, 2008

Palin, like Bush, avoids accountability & transparency

To use a private e-mail account for state business in order to avoid scrutiny of one's actions by the hoi polloi, is thought to not only be a no-no, but is actually illegal.

Matthew Mosk of the WaPo reports that Andree McCleod, a Republican activist has filed suit in Alaska "to force Gov. Sarah Palin to produce copies of official correspondence she sent and received on private e-mail accounts."

A news release by McLeod claims that "Rather than using her state e-mail account, throughout her two-year tenure as Governor of Alaska, defendant Sarah Palin, as a matter of routine, has used, and, on information and belief, continues to use (at least) two private e-mail accounts... to conduct business of the State of Alaska."

Back in June, McLeod "filed an open-records request and received four boxes of redacted e-mails. But more than 1,100 others were withheld, an action Palin justified by claiming executive privilege..."

The question, of course, is whether or not Palin is using these private e-mail accounts to avoid "accountability and transparency."

The WaPo has discovered that Palin has used one private e-mail account "to communicate with a small circle of staff members outside the state government's secure official e-mail sytem."

Note that the ethically-challenged governor of Alaska operates from the same fundamental undemocratic position held by the Prez, G. W. Bush. She withholds the most vital (and probably most damning) information by claiming "executive privilege."

Whatever details are involved here, Palin has proven to be anything but accountable and transparent. There is no other rational explanation for her using private e-mails for official business!

She's just another damn Repugnican crook.

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Anonymous said...

Had enough yet? She should be investigated but doesn;t respond to subpeonas anyway. She doesn't know or care about our laws. Reminds me of a sitting VP.

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