Thursday, October 9, 2008

McCain's McSame Campaign Suspension

When is a campaign suspension a campaign suspension?

McSame doesn't seem to know. You will recall how he ran off to Washington to "help" his fellow Congresspersons put together the "bailout." The urgency was palpable. Congress and the country needed him. Needed good ol' John McSame. They needed the war hero. To help them put the nation back on the right track. To bail out his old Wall Street buddies. The ones that paid his chief of staff, Rick Davis, big buckeroos for his lobbying work.

The need was so great for McSame to haul his broken down old ass off to Washington that McSame said he would be suspending his campaign during this "crisis." Can't work on a national crisis and campaign for prezident at the same time, you know. He also said he would probably not be able to attend the scheduled debate with Senator Obama 'cause, you know, it's like a debate was frivolous when the nation's banking system was coming apart at the seams.

But McSame flip-flopped, again!

He decided it wouldn't look too "prezidential" if he didn't show up to debate Mr. Obama, the "tax-and-spend" most liberal senator in the whole world since the beginning of time. In fact, people might suggest, just as "that one" had a nerve to do, that McSame couldn't do two things at the same time. He's John McSame, for god's sake, a war hero! He can too do two things at once! So, he went to the debate.

Secondly, McSame the war hero, did NOT suspend his campaign. He says he did. The truth-impoverished Palin says he did and keeps saying he did, because like, you know, he was good ol' John, trying to save the country. Even the MSM says he did. MSM reporters who should know better, like T for Tom Brokaw said he did.


Here's a clue: On September 25, the only "full day of suspension," the McCain campaign ran a total of 1,304 ads in the media.


If that's "suspending" a campaign, George W. Bush is the second coming of Christ.

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