Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More on Sarah Palin, John McCain and the Truth

Guest post by Bob Poris

The contradictions of Sarah Palin

Item: On the one hand, Palin seems to think government is the problem. On the other hand, Palin seems to think government is the solution. Perhaps one should ask Sarah Palin what she wants from the government. Should it get out and stop paying her salary or should it do more to solve the current crisis? She said both during her debate with Joe Biden debate, thus contradicting herself!

Item: Palin claims Obama is "palling around" with William Ayers. Perhaps Obama should show her a photo of himself when he was eight years old, wherever he lived, when the "hippy" terrorist was spouting his stuff. Obviously, she's a liar. And today William Ayers is a professor at a recognized, conservative university. It would seem that Palin/McCain have a problem. But it is their problem, not Obama’s.

Item: In contrast, John McCain was an adult when he got involved in the Keating Five and ended up being called for "bad judgment" by the U.S. Senate, which was a mere "slap on the wrist," probably because he was considered a "war hero."

Item: Palin and McCain, by charging Obama with some sort of hidden childhood association with Ayers, and by other charges, are implying that Obama does not love the United States, and is somehow concealing his true identity. That's nonsense.

But this is not: Palin, as an adult, gives reason to believe she and her husband are the ones who do not love the USA. They've associated with a fanatical group that espouses secession from the Union. Evidently, they are willing to leave the Union and Todd and his secessionist buddies have expressed more hate than a black preacher who may have some reason to be bitter. Palin's charges about Obama not loving his country is a crock, but Obama allows it to pass. He could respond with the contempt such a charge deserves and avoid an argument once he asks those questions.

Item: Palin has been blessed by an African witch doctor, the intent of which was to exorcise her of any connection with witchcraft so god would make her governor of Alaska. When does Palin get her next exorcism or has she been cured of whatever evil being possessed her before?

Item: The McCain campaign has kept Palin under wraps until very recently. Now that she is free, is it possible she will provide some specifics as to how to solve our numerous problems? Winking and blinking is not the answer. Putin is a Black belt and doesn’t seem to scare easily. How would she deal with him? What would she tell him? How would she handle Iran and with what army? And why is it that neither she nor McCain suggest their supporters enlist in the military to serve and help win these wars! Talk will not do it. The generals need boots on the ground, not windbags.

There are many other questions with which Palin should be confronted. But she continues to get a free pass. Maybe that's because we tend to treat the mentally deficient kindly. In other countries, women leaders are treated as leaders, not as sex objects. Were Golda Meir, Thatcher, Gandhi, Merkle, etc. handled with kid gloves because they were thought too delicate to answer important questions? Are we such wimps that we give in to the notion a female politician such as Palin needs protection from tough questions and critical comments? If so, we have bigger problems than I thought.

Bob Poris

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