Thursday, April 2, 2009

John McCain, the talking widget and his budget

All one can do when watching this performance is thank the gods that this clown was not elected president. He has a budget proposal because Obama's budget is just terrible - it doesn't give tax breaks to the ultra-rich, and Obama actually plans to help people other than the military, and Obama's budget sends the deficit into the stratosphere.

Heh. Heh.

But listen to McCain - a lobbyist's best friend, a serial adulterer, one of those corrupt five who tried to get a Congressional committee to take the pressure off their S&L guy who cost the American people billions of dollars - and what he says about HIS budget proposal. By god, his budget won't cut taxes on the rich, that's for sure! And it won't cut defense spending, even if a large portion of defense spending is wasted on corruption and shoddy products. And the Repugs want a bi-partisan commission to study Social Security and Medicare (read: do away with Social Security and Medicare, which has been their goal since the 1930s!) And, by golly, gee, McCain's budget will result in a mere $3.3 trillion deficit - ooops! He meant $2.3 trillion.

But, hey, what's a trillion dollars these days?

As someone asked: Didn't this guy lose the election?

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Grandpa Eddie said...

They know damn well that they don't have a prayer of getting any of their crap passed so they're throwing anything out there.

The Rethugs need to go back to school and re-learn basic math, 'cause their "budget" shows they can't do simple addition and subtraction. That and the fact that they are flat out lying to the public.

Bob Poris said...

What is a trillion? It could save a lot of lives, kids, etc here in the USA for starters. Some of our blowhards do get me sick. We are in trouble due to lack of doing the jobs people were hired or voted into.

It is time to help or get out of the way. Even Bush knew to go cut brush when he had nothing to offer. Cheney went to undisclosed locations and ate small children or whatever he does for laughs. We need workers not fools at the moment. Later maybe we can go back to stupidity and game playing.

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