Friday, April 3, 2009

In London, the First Lady makes a school visit

A fine, interpretative article comes with the video at Video Cafe. Here's a snippet of that article:

"In my opinion this little clip gives us yet another example of what a transformational couple the Obama's have become in the world. In what could easily have been contrived for the cameras, the sense is that something genuine and real is happening, not faked. And as seen in this clip, Michelle Obama's message is especially resonant with young women and girls of color."

Read the entire article here.


Grandpa Eddie said...

All on the spot real.

Nothing like a Rethuglican photo-op.

Jacob said...

Whether you like the Obama’s or not, they are very impressive people. They both overcame their color disadvantage, their lower income family background, etc. With a little help from our government, they both managed to get a superior education, good jobs that happened to be productive and added something to society rather than only to themselves (most of us have not doe that). They demonstrate how much we have to gain by finding ways to help those that are smart, willing capable. We have wasted too much talent for decades due to prejudice of one kind or another and probably will continue. Who knows how many geniuses have never been able to fit in to our society. What a waste.

Whether you like them, agree or disagree, the world has accepted them as competent, intelligent people. There is no rule that they must be obeyed, but it is nice to be able to understand what they say, so we can agree or not. We just had eight years of a guy that in spite of every advantage and two degrees from the best schools couldn’t put a sentence together and avoided answering questions etc. We survived him and will survive whoever is next. I have grown to really like admire and respect both Obama’s and think we lucked out. Time will tell. So far he has done a lot in less than three months. Who has ever done as much in so short a time? Imagine where we might be had McCain/Palin won. They still haven’t published their suggestions and it has been a long time since the economic meltdown, two wars etc. They might be geniuses but they are not as fast as we need right now.

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