Monday, March 30, 2009

The winds of change - in Alaska

[Mea culpa: The previous photo - now excised, was of Tim's father, Ben. This photo of Tim Grussendorf is from TV station]

It is said that the winds in Alaska blow hard.

Oops! Maybe I should have said it is said the blowhards in Alaska are windy, and sneaky.

To better understand this story, let's say that you are a longtime Repugnican and profess to follow Repugnican beliefs, such as they are, and let's say that because of your position as a legislative aide you got WIND that a state Senate seat was soon to be vacated BUT, according to Alaska state law, only a Democrat could fill the seat.

What would you do?

Well, you'd do the Repugnican thing, naturally. You'd switch to the Democratic Party because you also knew that the governor of Alaska, Prevaricator Palin, would appoint you to that seat if'n you were a Democratic type person. probably, being a Repugnican and all, figured that you could switch back to the Repugnican Party at some time in the future when the other Democrats in the state house couldn't do nuttin about it.

Sounds good. And Guv. Prevaricator Palin did it; she appointed legislative aide, newly-minted Democrat, Tim Grussendorf, to the state Senate. Yes, she did!

Except...the Democrats in the state Senate are not totally stupid. So, they're putting in motion an attempt to set-up a knock-down, so that when newly-minted Democrat Grussendorf comes up for a vote, he gets voted down.

Stay tuned for more fun from out northernmost state with the governor who can see Alaska, sells planes on eBay and loves to shoot wolves from helicopters!

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