Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Bible tells me so

If you grew up in an "evangelical" or fundy church setting, you'll remember those words from a little ditty often sang in Sunday School...how do we know something is true? The Bible tells me so!

Some people never do leave Sunday School behind and enter the real world. One of those is a moronic Congressman from Illinois, John Shimkus, who for reasons only the devil could understand, is a member of the Energy and Air Quality Committee.

Shimkus told members of Congress that the Bible is the infallible word of God and that in the "Old Testament" you can find infallible proof there is no such thing as global warming.

The end of the earth will come in God's own time, says Shimkus. You'll know when that happens when you hear the trumpet of the Lord blaring over the earth.

This is, of course, exactly the same crap spouted by fundamentalists everywhere and was preached by Jerry Falwell before he disappeared from the earth.

It was, it is, and it ever will be, CRAP; world without end. Amen.

h/t to BS Alert.

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Grandpa Eddie said...

I love the way Mr Shitkiss contradicts himself and the word of his "god" with two quotes from the same book, or "bible".

First he says that "god" will never destroy the earth and all living things on it ever again.

Then he goes on to state how "god" will send "his angels" to destroy the earth.

Either none of this is true, or his "god" is a liar.

He claims his right to free speech to bring up the use of the bible and his faith in the hearing. So why is it that Muslums, and Hindus, and Animists, and Satanists, to mention a few faiths other than his, were not there to be able to use their free speech during this hearing. Probably were not invited because Mr Shitkiss would have thrown a holy shit-fit.

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