Saturday, March 7, 2009

The sacrifice of George W. Bush

We all recall when George W. Bush was president and devoted to the welfare of our fighting men and women (well, except when he forgot to get them combat gear - that was something of a problem) ...

But, as I was saying, old George W. was so concerned about having to put America's military into harm's way that he decided he would subject hisself to an incredible sacrifice - you know, to show solidarity with our young men and wimmen in uniform. He would not play golf 'til the troops came home. And he didn't. Play golf. For probably two whole months.

True golfers know how hard abstinence is. Golf is seductive, a siren, like a foxy dame who knows all the ways to please.

So nobody was too hard on George.

Now, I know George is a regular citizen again (well, except for the millions of dollars he scammed before he became prez), and he's hanging out at his new mansion in Dallas and his old ranchero down the road and sometimes he even goes to the local cafe to shake hands while his wife...huh, Mildred? ... no, no, her name's Laura ... sips coffee at a little table off to the side, smiling demurely at her virile husband dressed up in his flight suit.

But, it would seem to me that an ex-president, even if he was the worst president in history, should have some feelings for the common folks who are getting the shit beat out of them by the recession/depression and it would seem to me that an ex-president like Bush (who was the worst president in history) might want to sacrifice something on behalf of the common folks who were so stupid as to elect him president in the first place which is why the common folks are in this goddamn mess in the second place.

So, I figure Bush ought to give up golf again. He could even double his sacrifice if he also gave up cutting brush, too, although I've heard that he hasn't cut up brush much since the media ain't following him around no more.

Give it up George! Sacrifice. Think of all the benefits! No more crawling out of bed before the sun's up to make an early tee-time. No more sneaking a few beers with your buddies at the 19th hole. No more worrying about your ball getting lost in the woods or drowned in the lake.

Sleep in. Relax. Sacrifice!

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Bob Poris said...

He has been either remarkably silent re our current problems or his suggestions are not newsworthy. I wonder why the media does not ask his opinions as how to solve some of our problems. He was in charge until mid January, when Obama became president and inherited the mess left him by Bush. He is young enough to be around for a very long time. We hear from former presidents Clinton and Carter fairly often and I understand that Obama does seek t heir advice. What has happened to Bush? It seems his own party doesn’t want to talk to him either. Perhaps Rush should have him on his program and get some words of advice or comfort.

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