Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jonathan Krohn - the GOP sinks to the bottom of the barrel

This gives you a good idea of just how far down the GOP has sunk. With Rush Limbaugh the titular "king" of the Party, and this youthful Repugnican "conservative" touting conservative "values," the GOP has reached the bottom of the barrel.

By the way, little Jonathan was greeting with rabid enthusiasm by the right wingnuts gathered at CPAC!

May the gods keep the grubby, moronic, hateful hands of all these so-called "conservatives" out of our government and out of our hair!

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Bob Poris said...

It is interesting to listen to some of our Representatives ask questions of Bernanke that show their total ignorance of economics. They seem to be looking to blame the guys trying to cure the ills due to their lack of any oversight during the past eight years. All of a sudden they are worried about debt, but they didn’t even put it into the budgets until now. Who did they think would pay for the loss of the surplus and the huge debts due to the wasteful spending during the Iraq war, etc? Where were they with their questions? They blame some other version of the Republican Party as if they are not in that party.

They really should read the new government web sites if they want to know what is happening.
Some are demanding less secrecy even though the information they asked for IS ON THE GOVERNMENT’S NEW WEB SITE. What do these guys do with t heir free time?

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