Monday, March 2, 2009

Repug chicanery re: stimulus and regulations

They always try to figure out a way to turn any particular situation to their own benefit. Repugs excel at conning the people while entrenching their power.

Trish, writing at Pensito Review, refers to an article in a northeast Florida paper, Folio Weekly, which describes the Repugnican playbook as its taking shape in Florida. She notes that:

"Republicans intend to use stimulating the economy as an excuse to gut regulations. And loosening regulations, if anyone remembers, is at the heart of the economic problem."

What is happening in Florida is also happening in other states and in Washington, D.C. But here's what Anne Schindler has to say in Folio weekly:

"While lawmakers desperately plug budget holes and draft legislation aimed at restarting Florida's failing economy, development lobbyists are descending on Tallahassee...[Their] argument is simple, if a bit non-linear: Though regulations have nothing to do with the collapsing real estate market, developers want to ease regulations in order to kickstart business.

"...Lobbyists working for Associated Industries...[are] disdtributing a booklet titled 'Economic Stimulus Package 2.0,' which calls for 'reductions in regulatory red tape as a way to stimulate business activity.' What kind of 'red tape' do they want to hack through?"

One biggie is the impact fees developers feel are so onerous. That, of course, means the "burdens of infrastructure needed for new development" would be switched from the developers to the taxpayers.

The real problem has nothing to do with regulations. That's what so depressing. The Repugnicans and their corporate friends just don't give a damn about our country or its future.

Or, as Trish says, "Greed is not hindered by details like the truth. It's up to us to remain vigilant and on-message and make sure their attempts fail."

You can real her article here.

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Bob Poris said...

Try to remember that the highest tax rate in 1964 was 98%. That was at the beginning of thousands of new enclosed shopping centers! Business was good and people developed in spite of high taxes. The same was true during both Reagan and bush senior’s times in office, in spite of higher taxes. Bill Clinton managed to have a surplus along with great prosperity with his high taxes. Good businesspeople will always make deals in spite of high taxes. It is a cost of doing business.

Regulations help keep the cheaters from cheating.

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