Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Palin pal gets nod for Lt. Governor

Lisa Derrick at La Figa tells how Sarah Palin, playing her usual pathetic self as leader of Alaska, has changed the rules to benefit an unqualified pal by putting him in line for Lt. Governor.

Yup. Palin "changed the line of state succession, paving the way for her high schoolmate Corrections Commissioner Joe Schmidt to be lieutenant governor should the current lieutenant governor, Sean Parnell, be unable to serve."

What qualifies Joe Schmidt to run the state of Alaska? Nada. In fact, he may be particularly unqualified. "In 2008 the Alaska Correctional Officers Association voted against Schmidt in a 'no confidence' measure, but the ever-loyal Palin stood behind him and called him a reformer, dontcha know!"

Once more our observation that Palin is simply George W. Bush in a skirt is verified.

Read Derricks entire article here.


Bob Poris said...

I think she is not as intelligent as Bush. I also think Bush is an honest man but misguided and ignorant of our system of government. She is simply ignorant, dishonest and unqualified to be a leader.

Jacob said...

I agree partly, Bob. But there is no way that I can believe Bush to be an honest man. The entire Bush clan are huge connivers and crooks and have been since Prescott and beyond. George W.'s history is one of constant lies and deceit, just as is his father's history.

All of this is spelled out in detail in Russ Baker's new book, Family of Secrets. It is a fascinating and ultimately disheartening look at the Bush clan.

They are all and have always been utterly ruthless in all of their dealings, said ruthlessness covered up in lies and dissembling and by a patina of gentility.

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