Monday, March 2, 2009

GOP - oppositional failure

Whatever else one can say about the GOP these days, one can say it is the political party with failure on its mind. That's understandable, of course, in that the Republican Party has been the party of failure since Herbert Hoover. Then came Ronald Reagan, who started the process that has led us to our current sad state of affairs. Failure became the GOP's middle name, however, when Newt Gingrich slid off the rails in 1994 and then failure blossomed into catastrophe under George W. Bush.

Now, it appears that Rush Limbaugh has become the GOP spokesperson, and he makes a perfect symbol for a failed elephant. A drug addicted, unhappy flop as a human being, he leads the Repugs deeper into the netherland of failure.

Speaking to CPAC the other day, he stressed again, proudly, his desire that Obama and the Obama administration fail in their attempts to make our country whole again. "Failure," he cried, "that's what I want."

Limbaugh leads a choir of Repug wingnuts all of which are echoing his refrain:

Rick Santorum: "Absolutely, we hope his [Obama's] policies fail."

Tom DeLay: When asked if he wanted Obama to fail, DeLay said: "Well, exactly right. I don't want this for our nation."

Michelle Malkin: "Yes, I hope that fails."

Limbaugh laughing all the way to the bank, said "The dirty little that every Republican in this country wants Obama to fail, but none of them have the guts to say so: I am willing to say it."

Perhaps in a darker corner yet sits Glenn Beck, who along with others are actually hoping for a violent revolution!

Maybe that's what Joe the Plumber was referring to when he said some members of Congress should be slapped and shot.

These are the people who hold themselves up to be patriots. They are not. If anything, they are traitors. They are willing to see the country and their fellow Americans go belly-up in order to perpetrate their hatred and retain their power.

In fact, their words and actions come mighty close to inciting rebellion, if not treason!

This is the GOP today: an oppositional failure!

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Bob Poris said...

Sad but true! I was a Republican for over forty years and am most unhappy to see it become the home of so many scoundrels and people willing to destroy so much for unknown reasons. We need a conservative opposition to keep balance. That theory had worked for many years and helped us to be a great

Nation. We absorbed a wide variety of immigrants over the centuries and all became Americans and contributed much to make us successful. NO other nation has done as well in so short a time. We proved that assimilation worked by electing Obama.

We must get back to balance and working for the better good of all. We should be able to disagree and then find a middle road. It worked for centuries but since 1994 politics became some sort of game, with the winner taking all and ignoring the half the nation that disagreed. We saw what the past eight years brought us with such a philosophy. We had better take heed or we will become a one party state.

Jim said...

I'm no fan of Reagan, but he was moderate compared to the current brand of wing-nuttery occurring under the GOP tent.

Beck is a f*cking idiot, channeling his 1950s brand of John Birch Society rhetoric, and apocalyptic Mormon tripe.

One concern I have is that while it is tempting to consider those on the right relegated to the margins, the Dow falling below 7,000, unemployment creeping upward, and the possibilities that the Obama economic stimulus taking time to show results creates a potential environment where a non-rational and anti-intellectual nation might be willing at some point to follow demagogues the likes we haven't seen, yet.

The inability of Americans to think for themselves concerns me and I don't see it improving any time soon.

Jacob said...

Your absolutely right, Jim. I'm not so sure Reagan was benign, but perhaps compared to present Repugs, he takes on a more positive cast.

The danger you speak of is becoming more of a reality every day. I'm going to write more about this tomorrow, or soon.

Some of these creeps seem to be actually hoping for or even fomenting violent reaction. The could easily be the trigger that sets such a reaction in motion.

Steele (RNC) tried to laugh off Limbaugh as "entertainment." That won't wash, as literally millions of the deluded and delusional hang on his every word as if it were "gospel."

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