Monday, September 8, 2008

Whom did Tennessee vote for in St. Paul?

[Photo of Tennessee Lt. Gov., Ron Ramsey]


Tom Ridge, the sort of pro-life ex-governor of Pennsylvania and lately departed from the Department of Homeland Stupidity, referred to John McCain as John Bush in a media interview.

But an even better faux pas came on the floor of the Republican National Convention when the roll call was being taken to nominate Senator John McCain.

The Lt. Governor of Tennessee, Ron Ramsey, stood up to the mike and proudly cast "all 55 votes to George S. McCain." Yup.

Maybe these guys are auditioning for Comedy Central.

The thing is, no matter that Ridge and Ramsey came off looking goofy, there is nothing funny about today Republican Christian Party!

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Homeland Stupidity said...

The difference between George Bush and John McCain is that Bush won't die of a heart attack in the next year. McCain looks like he's about to drop dead any minute.

Anonymous said...

Let us hope he doesn;t win. that way he can live out his life without doing damage.
Bob Poris

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