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Sarah Palin - Christian theocrat (stealth candidate?)

[The photo's a fake. McCain is not very religious. He used to be an Episcopalian, but changed to Southern Baptist to get the "evangelical" vote. Evangelicals don't consider Episcopalians to be "real" Christians. That's why McCain had to pick Palin or someone like her. The fundys know he's religiously-challenged. And his wife's a brewess, for god's sake! How does that work? Southern Baptists can't drink!]

Let's start another conspiracy theory:

Sarah Palin is a "stealth" candidate put up by the Christian Domionists to take over the presidency and install a Christian theocratic government. Assuming McCain wins in November and survives his first term, Palin runs for and wins the presidency in 2012. If John McCain dies in office for any reason, the timetable is moved up.


Okay, I admit it's a bit far out, but...

1) She was the pick of the Christian Dominionists who foisted her on John McCain, in spite of the fact that he wanted Joe Lieberman to be his vice presidential running mate.

2) Palin is an extremist Christian fundamentalist with extremist views on everything from personal freedoms to global warming and evolution.

3) The churches with which Palin has been associated are connected to the Christian Dominionist or Reconstructionist movement which advocates a theocratic government ruled by Old Testament law.

4) Palin does not believe in separation of church and state as evidenced by her statements and practices.

5) In October of 2007, Governor Palin "signed a proclamation ... which emphasized the Christian Heritage of America."

David Brody, "senior national correspondent" for the Christian Broadcasting Network, says that Palin's signing of the Christian Heritage proclamation was a "'ca-ching' moment for Evangelicals."

"I'm telling you folks. The Evangelical base is revved up about this pick. A McCain campaign source told me that there is so much excitement from the Evangelical community about this pick that it's making their head spin. This source told me, 'The event at Saddleback was the baking of the cake. Sarah Palin is the frosting.'"

Here's a brief summary of the Christian Heritage proclamation, which is riddled with errors, statements out of context and deliberately ignores the fact that, while many of of so-called Founding Fathers were "religious" in a generic sense, they would most certainly soundly denounce this very proclamation. Jefferson, for example, thought the New Testament gospels were idiotic fables.

Ms. Palin, however, being a theocrat, signed this proclamation which set aside the week of October 21-27, 2007 as "Christian Heritage Week." [Sorry, if there are non-believers in Alaska, or Jews, or Unitarians, or main-stream Protestants, or Buddhists, or whatever, you're not included - you don't get your own week.]

Now the reason this Christian Heritage week is important is so we don't forget that lots of the people involved in "structuring" American history were "Christians of caliber and integrity who did not hesitate to express their faith."

According to the theocrats and Ms. Palin, one of these "Christians" was Benjamin Franklin. It's too silly. Old Ben would have tossed his cookies if you lumped him with these religious fruitcakes! Christian? Not likely!

George Washington is another. Well, I think ol' George went to some Anglican church on rare occasions to nod to God, but he, too, would laugh out loud at the attempt to portray him as a fundamentalist Christian. He was a deist, for Christ's sake!

And then, Thomas Jefferson is held up as a person of Christian heritage. Jefferson, as we've noted, would be even more harsh in his denunciation of Palin and friends. Jefferson thought religion was nothing but trouble even if, once in a while he mentioned a deity in order to be politic.

There's more, but all of it's tripe.

What's important though, comes through in the preamble of the proclamation: It is to remind "Alaskans of the role Christianity has played in our rich heritage."

What about the role of other religions? What about the role of all those Founding Fathers who had no use whatsoever for Christianity or fools who parade about like Palin and the Republican Party, pretending that they are the Party of God?

This is a secular country, ladies and gentlemen! To proclaim a "Christian Heritage Week" smacks too much of a violation of the no establishment of religion clause in the Constitution.

Finally, what does this accomplish? Why would a secular government proclaim a Christian Heritage Week? Are these extremist Christian loonies so afraid of their "loving" God that they try to please him by this kind of religious pandering? Will they go to hell if they quit wearing their religion on their sleeve for one minute?

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Anonymous said...

It gets sadder everyday! We have our Taliban and not enough of us care.
Bob Poris

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