Monday, September 8, 2008

Sarah Palin: the hockey mom who wouldn't be senator

Not too long ago, when the idea of running for the United States Senate was introduced to Sarah Palin, she begged off.

She said words to the effect that how could she continue to be a "hockey mom" if she was a U.S. Senator. Her son needed her.

Now, a U.S. Senator may not have as much prestige as the vice president of the United States, but the truth is that a Senator's work is at least as important, if not more so.

But, we all know that the reason Palin agreed to run with McCain as his vice presidential mate was because she loves her country (almost as much as Alaska) and she puts "Country First," just like the signs proclaimed at the Republican National Convention. And because she puts "Country First," she is willing to surrender a good deal of the "mothering" her children need and should have.

Not only so, but because she loves her country so much, she'll drag them onto a national stage, pregnant or not, along with a future son-in-law, that fuckin' redneck, where the Christian right can proclaim her redeemed and shower her with applause that in spite of their failed abstinence policies, daughter Bristol (named for Bristol Bay) did NOT have an abortion!

Still, I'm curious. Why, a short time ago, was being a "hockey mom" more important than being a United States Senator? And why, now, is being a hockey mom of little or no significance? (And why haven't we heard about her years as a commercial fisherwoman? Oops! That's another post!)

You could write it off as typical Republican hypocrisy. Or maybe she knew she didn't have a chance running for the Senate. Or maybe James Dobson flew to Alaska and told her to hold off 'cause they were going to have a slot for her on the national Christian Republican ticket in a year or two. Hey, that's no crazier than what actually did happen -- the Christian right gathered and told McCain who to choose and McCain, bowing and kissing their collective fundamentalist asses, said "I shall do as you say, M'Lords!"

Well, she ain't a hockey mom any more! The lipstick's gone, too!

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Anonymous said...

Who cares? She is a woman!she doesn;t have to know anything apparently. I would think there are other women that would be excellent candidates but McCain picked her.
Bob Poris

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