Sunday, September 7, 2008

Palin is unprepared

In spite of her "vast" executive experience (except, of course, the failed car wash bizness), Sarah Palin is simply unprepared to serve as vice president of the United States.

We knew that! From news reports, however, it appears a lot of dumb-dumbs and hockey moms don't get it. Or, worse, they just don't care.


However, the GOP knows and that worries them some. The Jed Report carries a brief story about GOP strategist, Todd Harris, who says that Ms. Palin will not be available for about two weeks.

Why is that? Well, she might make "a mistake."

Harris put it this way: "If she goes out and makes a mistake, that is something that [voters will] care about, and that's something that will haunt [McCain] for awhile, so I think this is a smart move."

Let's put this in perspective: John McCain, who has met Ms. Palin one time and knows literally nothing about her except what she has chosen to mention, decides she is ready to be vice president, or, god forbid, president of the United States.

It soon becomes obvious to all that she forgot to mention several things to Mr. McCain which are lurking around in her history, not the least of which is a 17-year old daughter who is pregnant out of wedlock. But whatever she did tell McCain, the Senator, being the genius he is, felt none of it mattered as she would gain the support of the extremists on the Christian right, and he knew he couldn't win without the fruitcakes for Jesus.

Country first, my ass!

Now, because her lack of knowledge about anything (in spite of the fact Alaska is next door to Russia), the GOP minions are secreting her away in the North Country to give her a crash course in how she should run the country should she need to do so.

[You'll notice that, while the other major candidates are appearing on the talk shows today, Ms. Palin is noticably absent!]

Ah...this whole scenario reminds me of those stumble-bums of old -- the Three Stooges.

[The Jed Report is here.]

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Anonymous said...

no comment is really needed here. she is not ready and was a poor choice.
Bob Poris

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