Sunday, September 7, 2008

Georgia's on Cheney's mind

Dickie Cheney is the moral leader of the United States? Or not.

Dickie Cheney recently traveled to "oil-rich Azerbaijan and Georgia."

You remember Georgia. The regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia declared their independence from the mother country. Georgia took up arms to bring them back. Russia backed the breakaways. Bullets began flying.

Our leaders decried the military bullying of Russia. Leave Georgia alone. Get out of Georgia. So said Bush/Cheney and gang.

When Dickie Cheney made a stop to address "global business and political leaders" at a conference yesterday on Italy's Lake Como, he said that Russia was being a big, bad bear and had no business interfering in Georgia's problems, and that what Russia did was an "affront to civilized standards."

[Note to Palin: Italy is in Europe.]

Remember, this is the same Dickie Cheney who has been meddling in other countries' affairs for many, many years. This is the same Dickie Cheney who helped arm Saddam Hussein, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Osama bin Laden. Yup! All those guys!

This is the same Dickie Cheney who beat the drums for war in Iraq, a country which posed absolutely no threat to the U.S., and more lately has been crying bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.

For Dickie Cheney to chide Russia is no doubt the peak of hypocrisy!

There's more here than meets the eye, of course. Guess what? It's all about oil. Again. A pipeline is involved. Someone must control the pipeline. Russia wants the job.

Furthermore, one of McCain's top advisers is a lobbyist for Georgia and has made hundreds of thousands of dollars pushing Georgia's agenda in the United States Congress!

Russia threatens. We want our "friends" to control the pipeline. Thus, the Bush administration has sent a $1 billion aid package to Georgia to "help it recover from the war with Russia."

Putin, needless to say, says the U.S. should mind it's own damn business.

Consider this: the state of Georgia (U.S.) decides to declare its independence from the United States. The U.S. Army is sent to Georgia to change Georgia's mind. Bullets begin flying. Russia, tells the United States to back off 'cause Russia is backing the independence of Georgia! Then, when the fighting's over, Russia sends a billion dollar shipload of supplies to help Georgia recover.

Unfortunately, Washington these days sees everything in terms of black and white when the reality is many different shades of grays.

Cheney, though, is a full-blown hypocrite and a putz.

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Anonymous said...

What difference does it make if we make threats> We do not have the military to add another war at this time.
Bob Poris

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