Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's not about issues, it's about CELEBRITY! Palin's Action Figures

I guess we shouldn't expect too much from people who gave Bush enough votes so he could cheat his way into office two times in eight years!

The Republicans this time around have made it clear they don't give a damn about the issues which are so important to the future of this country. They have taken a former beauty pageant contestant, turned mayor, turned a do-nothing governor and made her into a true Republican CELEBRITY!

Everyone knows that for millions of our fellow citizens, that's all that is really important. Someone who's a CELEBRITY can do no wrong. A CELEBRITY can be dumb as a brick, but she's a CELEBRITY!

Listen to how people respond when asked the question why they like Palin. I haven't heard one yet that had anything to do with issues, other than the issue of abortion by right wing extremists or Roman Catholic fanatics. That's it.

You'd think we are voting for the prom queen of the local high school!

And just when you think it couldn't get any worse, Justin Paulette reports this morning on AOL news that Sarah Palin now has a series of action figures.

McCain gushes: "Isn't this the most marvelous running mate in the history of the nation? Sarah Palin -- she's magnificent."

Well, not really. Action figures or no, she's without doubt one of the worst running mates in the history of the nation. But, because the hoi polloi is fascinated and consumed by CELEBRITY, the fact she's a liar and a cheat and totally and completely unqualified for the vice presidency, will not matter.

Jesus, we're in trouble!


Anonymous said...

We still know too little about her other than she is the Messaih to many that do not like Obama.
Bob Poris

Tommy Korioth said...

You put your finger on the truth but prom queens actualy respond to their peers.

I'm convinced they'll run Tom Seleck next time around.

Keep it up.
Great writing.

Anonymous said...

Alaska has a very small population! It has a large land mass, most of which belongs totally to the US
Government. It distributes oil profits to its citizens as a gift. It is a most unusual state and has little to do with the governing of most states without oil and the government as its neighbor. Palin has her cronies in office. She refuses to answer a subpoena. Her husband belongs to and is active in a party that wishes to leave the US! Yes, she is feisty and cute. So what? Women like Golda Meir, Gandhi, ‘Thatcher, Merkle, etc ask for no favors and speak out freely. They are strong and intelligent people and got to where they were by hard work and being better than their opponents.
We have had a friendly, former drunk and druggy in the White House for eight years. He should have stayed home. I am not sure he realizes yet how bad the shape we are in is. You really want more, vote Republican but make your reps take a course in basic Civics so they understand how government works and what the Constitution says.
I will take my chances with a very bright, intelligent man that managed to achieve something in spite of being “different”. He can not do worse that our buddy, Bush if he tried.
Bob Poris

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