Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Steven Anderson is not a Christian

You maybe don't care much one way or another whether Steven Anderson is a Christian.  I don't, either.  But if you claimed Christianity as your faith and had a whit of understanding of what that means, you would be irate that this asshole makes the same claim you do

Anderson is well-known for his vitrol and shamelessness.  He's pastor of a weird little storefront Baptist church in Tempe, Arizona.  Ironically, it's called Faithful Word Baptist Church.  If there's anything Anderson is not is faithful to the Word.  He's also an example as to how the word, "Baptist," can mean just about anything these days.

Anderson is a homophobe, which is one problem.  He's also filled with hatred and bile which he wraps in the robes of what he thinks is "righteousness," but is, in fact, a sinkhole of evil. 

His latest rants involve Christians killing gays.  If only Christians would kill gay people, says Anderson, we could rid the world of AIDS.  And then he laughs. 

Funny thing is, in some ways, Anderson is a worse disease than AIDS!  At least we're working on a cure for AIDS.  There's no hope for Anderson.  He's made his pact with the devil and sold his soul and when push comes to shove he'll go the way of all the other deranged righteous that have plagued our world since Christianity began.

By any measure except his own, Steven Anderson fails the Christian test.  

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William Kendall said...

Wow. He makes Pat Robertson look like a just and decent person. Who would have thought that possible?

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