Monday, December 15, 2014

Donald Trump - "Torture is rich!"

"Torture is rich!"

Nah, the Donald didn't say that.  He might have, but I just made it up.  He says lots of dumb things so it is kinda fitting.

Monday morning.  Trump shows up on Fox & Friends at FAUX News, pretty much as usual, to offer his opinion on a subject about which nobody gives a damn about what his opinion is!  But that's never stopped the Donald from being a dumbass before.

It's strange that Trump would continue to make a fool of himself.  I guess being that wealthy gives you a certain amount of security.  If nobody in the whole world loves you, you can still crawl into your cave and count your money.

But that's not going to happen to the Donald because there are all kinds of suck-ups who follow Trump around as if he's some sort of god just because he's filthy rich.  Golfers.  Sheesh.  They think Trump is the greatest thing since a hole-in-one.  He plays with all the big names, and the golf magazines crap in their collective pages every time he builds a new golf course over in China or Ireland or Mali. 

Torture.  Again, I can't imagine anyone in these United States of America who gives a damn about what Trump thinks about torture.  I mean, really, just watching him speak is torture.  But one thing about Trump - if there is any kind of an issue - he's got an opinion and will tell you what he thinks even if it's torture to listen to him.

That's what he did on Fox & Friends.  He prattled on about those bad, bad, Democrats, who released the report on torture.  Why our friends are going to laugh at us, he said, and the bad guys, well, they don't care 'cause they chop off heads.  And the American people may be upset about torture because they've forgotten about 9/11 and if anything like that happens again they'd all jump on the torture bandwagon. 

What I don't get is why he's concerned about the release of the report.  Everyone around the world knew what was going on anyway.  There wasn't much, if any, new information in the report as far as I've been able to determine.  It verified some things.  But we knew way back in the dark, dark days of Georgi W. Bushki that the CIA was rendering people to other countries in blacked-out airplanes with the tacit complicity of the leaders of those countries and that the CIA was not handing out ice cream cones!

Trump and others like him make no sense.  Unless of course, they think torture is a good thing and perfectly okay for the land of the free and the home of the brave.  But why fuss about the release of the report?

The real problem is the content!  The United States of America tortured people as a matter of course and the leadership of the United States of America blessed such projects even though torture is the absolute opposite of all this country stands for.  Not only so, but it did not one bit of good, in spite of what "Blackheart" Cheney says.

I guess, though, from the way Trump talks, he'd be just as happy if we chopped off a few heads.  I mean, the other guys do it!


William Kendall said...

He really is full of himself. His ego would give Napoleon a run for his money.

A despicable, vile, repugnant man. When he dies someday, I'll refrain from my usual not speaking ill of the dead and say good riddance.

Bob Poris said...

That is not all he is full of, is it?

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