Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pastor Dies After Singing About Being Healed

Please note that I'm not making light of this incident, nor am I mocking the pastor's faith.  I am, though, entranced by the IRONY involved.

Down through the years, I've known a number of people who believed desperately that their God could heal them or help them avoid certain diseases only to be seriously disappointed.  God either didn't hear their prayers or didn't care or couldn't get there on time.

This instance involves Gordon A. Humphrey, Jr., a pastor involved with a group named United Ministries which is, I believe, located in the Chicago area.  He enjoyed singing very much.

According to an article by Leonardo Blair at the Christian Post, Pastor Humphrey, who had just celebrated his 60th birthday, "bellowed melodiously from the pulpit that 'the Lord is good to me.. You healed my body.  You brought me back from death' as a choir harmoniously affirmed his lilting declarations."

Shortly thereafter, on a Sunday at the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church of Chicago, Pastor Humphrey "began preaching a Christmas-themed message about 'hope in the manger' ... [and] sauntered through the lyrics of rapper Pharrell Williams' runaway hit song, "Happy."'"

Then he fell over dead.


cieldequimper said...

Perhaps his short-lived recovery led him to sin and therefore God's wrath. Just a Catholic thought...

:-) Love this irony but I think it'll be lost on most...

William Kendall said...

I'd have more faith in the capabilities of a doctor.

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