Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's going on in Kansas?

The answer to that question is "Same old, same old."

Seems a bunch of youngish females out partying in Wichita had a bit too much to drink the other night and when a police officer on a horse checked them out, a friend with a 5 foot-long inflatable penis rammed the police horse, which spooked. By the time this little melee was over two of the women were under arrest. One of them was from McPherson, Kansas, a quiet, quite religious town where such goings on would be mightily frowned upon! I know that for a fact as a number of my very religious relatives come from McPherson!

More importantly, however, there is underway an attempt in the Kansas Legislature to increase the minimum wage in that state. The minimum wage in Kansas has not been raised in 20 years, and now stands at the incredibly high rate of $2.65!!!

Republicans have, as usual, fought any increases. But it looks now like there's a chance. Senate Bill 160 is to be voted on today and there is a possibility it will pass which will mean that 15,000 people in Kansas will be bumped from $2.65 per hour to $7.25 per hour.


But before you get too excited, ask your self how the hell anyone can live on $7.25 per hour. That's $290 per week, before taxes. That's a whole $15,080 per year, before taxes. You can't pay rent and eat on that kind of money.

Still, some Repugnicans want to keep the minimum wage at $2.65! Figures, right? I mean Jesus said we'll always have poor people around, so why give them a break? Right?

Let 'em join the Army. Or a bread line!


Grandpa Eddie said...

The Rethuglicans are just trying to make sure their 'Jesus' will always be right about that.

Bob Poris said...

The voters got what they wanted. They can continue to live with it. Stupidity is contagious it seems. For some reason they accept low wages and keep voting for those that keep them low. That is stupidity squared. They deserve their condition since they do nothing to change it.

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