Saturday, March 28, 2009

Matt Taibbi on Michele Bachmann

Finally, someone in the media tells it like it is! If we can't impeach Bachmann for being an idiot, is it possible to laugh someone out of Congress?

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Grandpa Eddie said...

You are so right, Jacob. This whack-job needs to be removed from office, which her district would have to do through a recall. All the House of Representatives could do is censure her, unless we can get her charged with treason for some of the other things she has said.

Distributorcap said...

taibbi is fast becoming one of the best journalists around

as for bachmann - face it, we have a complete lunatic and moron running around the halls of congress

what i dont understand - is HOW anyone voted for her. i get conservatives and some of their (misguided) ideas. but this woman is worse than an embarrassment to Minnesota.

she is dangerously flirting with felonious behavior - and i wish someone woujld actually put her in cuffs

Jacob said...

@ DC - I agree re: Taibbi. As for the moron: I think she's pretty much an embarrassment all around...or, maybe not. Maybe the Repug leaders are (silently or covertly) cheering her on - she does play to the insane crowd - and they can shed responsibility.

So, while they love what she's doing, if questioned, they can throw up their hands and claim, "Well, she's crazy, you know. Not really one of us."

Anonymous said...

String her up already!!

And I get that MN wants to come across as progressive but continually electing whack jobs (from both sides of the fence) isn't achieving said goal. Can we be done now? Please.

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