Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Time to call the Bushites to account - DC NY

Millions of people in the United States and the world over feel it is past time to call George W. Bush and his administration to account for criminal misconduct. Unfortunately, President Obama does not appear to be interested in such an endeavor and there seems insufficient support in Congress.

Obama believes, I think, that it is best to let sleeping does lie, but that is not so in this case. Perhaps the lack of support in Congress derives from the fear that many members of Congress may find themselves implicated in the Bushites nefarious schemes.

Distributor Cap NY recently posted an article called "Collective Guilt." In this article DC lays out the case for a an investigation of Bush, his administration, and his minions who went blithely about lying to the American people as they turned our laws upside down and ran our country into the ground.

DC says: "There is little doubt in any sane, rationale (sic) or thinking person's mind that the Bush Junta Administration is guilty of many, many, many (did I say many) egregious, felonious and treasonous violations of American and International law. A small sample includes (in no particular order):

* Lying [to] the American people to start the Iraq War
* No bid contracts to Halliburton and other Bush favorites
* Politicization and hiring practices in the Justice Department
* Torture
* Private Armies
* Illegal wiretaps
* Holding prisoners without charging them of crimes - shipping them off US territory to avoid US law
* Abuses at Abu Graibh and violations of the Geneva Convention

What DC posits, and I agree with him, we need a thorough and complete investigation into these and other criminal and unlaw acts of the Bush administration, because "no matter what ideas, plans and bailouts Obama embarks on, we will never be able to regain the psychological wherewithal as a nation to heal, grow and finally, like Gerry Ford said, move on. Never. I hate to sound cliche - but the truth will set you free."

DC continues on to suggest there are several historical parallels, such as the Nuremberg Trials, which can point the way for us to proceed.

But if looks like we are going to have to prod the Obama administration and OUR elected leaders in Washington to get off their duffs and take action...

Read it all here.


Grandpa Eddie said...

It didn't help when Nancy Pelosi said, after the Democrats took control of the House in '06, that an investigation was off the table.

I wonder how involved Pelosi was in all of Bush's illegal activities.

Jacob said...

@Grandpa Eddie - good question! I'd guess she wasn't "involved," but that she likely knew more than she's let on and did not speak out against what she knew.

Bob Poris said...

Obama seems to think it would be too divisive. I disagree re criminal doings! The role of the VP was not as described in the Constitution and must be reversed! The abuse of power by the Attorney General must be reversed and investigated. The signing documents must be better defined. The role of the Executive must be looked into and decided by law not the whim of the current executive whether Bush or Obama. We either have laws or we do not. I prefer laws. If changes must be made due to new emergencies, there must be oversight and clear guidelines or we must be willing to accept dictatorship. We cannot have it both ways!

Secrecy might be needed at times but there must be rules on that too. Outing a serving undercover executive was wring and must be punished. We lost her decades worth of training and expertise and the unraveling of her teams and people that served us. How can that be swept under the rug? Cheney must be investigate for some of the things he did. If he was right, we should know that too. It is not up to a few people to decide. It is a function of government to investigate and there should be no way people should be able to refuse to be questioned under oath just because they say they do not wish to appear. We have laws and they should be for all.

If not, Obama and Biden can decide to do the same things and ignore Congress. At least Obama is more thoughtful and does know and understand the Constitution. Neither Bush nor Cheney did. I am not willing to risk anyone doing as they please once in office. Democracy is precious and should not be given up lightly, even when at war!

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