Thursday, March 26, 2009

Right wingnuts and teleprompters

The christianist rightwingnuts' heads have exploded recently about President Obama and his teleprompter.

The accusation is being passed around from one wingnut to another that President Obama cannot think on his feet and cannot say anything that makes sense without having it written down and appearing on his teleprompter. The implication is that some sneaky socialist or commie down in the basement of the White House is somehow incorporating horrible socialist or communist plans in Obama's speeches but does it so effectively the public is not only not aware of it but somehow succumbs to socialism and communism.

I mean we can see this every day. Drive down the street, any street and people will be out waving the banner and sickle yelling about our failing capitalistic system and how only socialism and communism can save us.

What's really funny is that we finally have a president who can, indeed, think on his feet and can do a press conference for god knows how many minutes taking and fielding questions, answering them using big words, with intelligence and wit and irony and satire. Hell, half the press corps doesn't know what he's talking about he's so far over their heads.

Have the right wingnuts forgotten G.W. Bush, who couldn't string three words together in a comprehensible sentence; who thinks the children is reading?

Please: to all the right wingnuts with nothing to say except moronic nonsense, get a life!


Grandpa Eddie said...

They seem to have forgotten, conveniently, that their last moronic figurehead couldn't get through a complete sentence without stumbling and stuttering.....if he could ever finish one without being distracted by some colorful lights.

Bob Poris said...

The wing nuts are frozen in place and do not absorb intelligent thoughts. They cannot separate fact from fiction, truth from propaganda, sincere questions and attempts to change if needed. They play a game as if Congress is a debating team contest. There are no educational tests for running for office, so many are ignorant of the Constitution and our laws. Somehow we have survived for all these years and are still the best place on earth to live. We can keep hoping that the few smart and good ones will prevail in the long run. The nuts can keep waiting for God to change things, with their help and advice. If they really believed in the God they describe, they would know He doesn’t need help or advice. Being all knowing and all powerful is quite a feat and none of us have ever achieved that. God must have His reasons for ignoring us. We better hope He doesn’t change his mind. We already have floods, pestilence and war. What the hell else can He throw at us to get our attention?

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